Look me in the leg: Reshaping prosthetic limbs

We aim to provide amputees with an alternative limb cover offering unusual aesthetic features.
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Short Summary

Ray Ghafary is a designer who has been eager to use his expertise in design to change people’s lives. Last year he was inspired by a talk with an amputee who was explaining how his life has changed after losing a limb, and how people were looking at him as an amputee and forgot all what he was before the accident. This by far inspired Ray who dedicated his time and his design tools to try and help those people, and shape a life that they had previously were living. The prosthetic limbs that are currently being used have a great mechanism and they have been studied functionally very well, however the body is not only a functional tool, the body comes with beauty and the flesh is the canvas of this beauty. So there was an aim to design those subtle prosthetic limbs and give them a look that reflects the amputee’s personality. So our main aim is to provide amputees with an alternative limb cover offering unusual aesthetic features and functionalities to help them embrace their difference with pride and boldness. This will give them a limb to be proud of and people will no longer look at them as the person with an amputation but rather as the person with that cool thing on their body.

What We Need
The study, concepts, designs and plans have all been done; we still need the funding to produce the first 2 prototypes. Those prototypes will serve as a proof of concept and will help us march on in our journey. Giving us full credibility and trust, when we approach funders to grow our business and therefore help as much amputees as possible.

The first prototype will feature a built in wireless speaker system that is connected to vi Bluetooth.

The second prototype will feature solar cells and batteries allowing the cover to store energy to be later used for charging USB operable devices.

Those two prototypes will be donated to two young amputees who were interested in changing their lives by taking part in this project.

The Impact

By helping us achieve the amount of money requested, you will have contributed to spark a flame that will change people’s lives. The amount raised will help us design two covers for prosthetic limbs and will help us grow a concept that would help more and more people.

Moreover, you would have helped us write a story that would emphasize on the transformation of a human being from disability to super-ability, from having a foreign part to an organ, and therefore actively impacting people’s perception of disabilities in general.

This project will help achieve social awareness and change through design-driven solutions.

Other Ways You Can Help

By helping us financially you will give us the ability to realize our project and help others; however money is not the only way you can help us.

By believing in our project and telling our story to others you would have helped us spread the word about the change that we are trying to instill.

If you share our project on your social media channels you will be helping us more and more, and if you know anyone who might be interested in transforming his life or in transforming other people’s lives we would be glad if you can refer us.

We believe that people are the driving force in our world and they have the capabilities to do a change. Therefore, by planting a small seed throughout your life you might be starting a small change that someone out there will benefit of for the years to come.

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Ray earned his Ba in Interior architecture, and began his professional career at a young age while studying. He interned and worked at various renowned agencies and studios which soon led to a multidisciplinary perception to the design field. Numerous…

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You will get the previous packages along with a super able bracelet, along with a t-shirt , sticker and mug which are something to be proud of wearing; something to show friends and people around you, something that says you took part in changing somebody's life.
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In addition to the other packages, we will develop a book that details all the project elements from conception to realization along with a special biography on the lives of the people who were helped and we will dedicate a special section to mention those who have helped make this project a success. So you will get the book and we will mention your name in the book for contributing.
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In addition to the other packages, we will invite you to a special event where we bring together the contributors along with the people who have been helped so you can hear from them directly how you helped change their lives.
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