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Campaign successfully funded on: 03 Jan,2018

This project has been successfully funded with $1,055 (106%)

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Let's Manufacture

Is a Project based on the Vision of our First Chairman Since the day of establishment in 2008.

The project aims to develop the Arab youth through real practical training. It also aims to build an Arab industrial plant that works to provide production lines for small investors and youth and to provide training equipment for bodies and companies interested in technical education in Egypt and the Middle East rather than importing them from China.

The project has four basic objectives

1- Develop our company's training equipment and add an integrated training machine (part of a real production line) to increase the efficiency of training and provide affordable opportunities for training the youth.

2 - Strengthening the machine with the latest automation technologies by getting sophisticated equipment from Phoenix Contact by participating and Qualifying in the Xplore New Automation Award Contest which we have already done Thanks to Allah.

3 - Obtain support from the Arab supporters on Zoomaal to complete the training equipment by manufacturing it mechanically and adding necessary automation technologies not provided by Phoenix Contact because every technological addition will provide more practical experiences for young trainees and help us to achieve the greater goal.

4. We are negotiating a governmental research grant (not a Loan) for the establishment of an equipment factory Startup capable of competing in the international market. We hope to receive your support to complete the machine to prove our eligibility for the Grant and to compete in the Finals of Xplore competition which may lead us to present our project at the World Trade Fair in Hannover Germany, It is estimated that more than 200,000 participants will attend the fair next year from sectors involved in industry and development, which will be the first real marketing of our Startup.

Expected impact of the project

1 - Provide High Quality practical training in an affordable way to our Youth to Qualify them for the labor Market.

2- We will be able to Compete as the first Egyptian team in the History of Xplore New Automation Award.

3- Activating the Egyptian participation in the coming years in the Xplore competition with more than one team from different universities so that Egyptian teams can benefit from the experience and the components of Automation Provided by Phoenix contact.

4- Coordinating with the Arab universities by establishing a scientific forum for automation and benefiting from the past experiences of universities and training centers participating in the competition.

5 - Provide job opportunities for the project team "more than 15 young men and women of engineers, technicians and administrators."

6. Providing equipment and production lines for young investors with more affordable values better than Importing.

if you want to see the main Project Ideas and Technologies see the following video

What will Your Support Provide

The following is what we Really need to implement and develop the Prototype machine after we provided some components of the system and after the support we received from Phoenix Contact

1 - The first Milestone 1000 $

We will manufacture the complete mechanical structure of the machine which is divided into

   A - 8 metal tanks + metal structure to carry and install the tanks.

   B - industrial conveyor 2 meters length.

   C - Arm Robot for final product packaging.

   D - A table that moves by coordinates x and y to automatically Position the finished product in the Packing carton in coordination with the Robotic arm.

2 - The second Milestone 2500 $

The previous mechanical structure will be manufactured and the following important Automation Components will be added to the Control System

   A - Four control valves to regulate the passage of raw materials between the stages of the weighting system.

   B - Four load cell Amplifier units from Siemens or LS.

   C - Four Half Bridge Load Cell units.

3 - The third Milestone 3500 $

The two previous tasks will be Implemented and the following important Automation Components will be added to the Control System

   A - A three-phase Induction electric motor for the industrial conveyor.

  B - An Industrial Drive (inverter) to control the three-phase Induction motor from LS or Siemens.

  C - Air Compressor and Pneumatic Control Equipment (Pneumatic Circuit) to Control the Robotic Arm with Pneumatic Pressure Control Technology.

4 - The fourth Milestone 5000 $

The previous tasks will be Implemented and the following important Automation Components will be added to the Control System

   A - Two Servo motor for precise movement of the packing table in the X, Y directions

  B - Two servo motor controllers (Drives) from LS or Phoenix for Servo Motor Control

  C - ProfiNet connection module for the electric motor Drive to Connect it to the industrial network of our system.

The Parts that We Have Provided
(other than our current needs)

the previous sector describes the needs we still try to Provide this sector will describe what we have already got

Over the years, we Implemented many industrial simulators, which we are trying to develop to a real machine now. We used our most important components as part of the new machine 

And as we qualified for the Xplore implementation stage. We also obtained better industrial components from Phoenix Contact and added them to the machine, 


Part name




AXC 1050 PLC Controller


Phoenix Contact


AXL F BK PB Bus coupler


Phoenix Contact


AXL F DI16/4 2F I/O module


Phoenix Contact


AXL F DO16/3 2F I/O module


Phoenix Contact


AXL F AI4 I 1H I/O module


Phoenix Contact


AXL F AO4 1H I/O module


Phoenix Contact


VISU+ 2 EXPRESS Software


Phoenix Contact


TP 3070W Touch panel


Phoenix Contact


Program / configuration memory


Phoenix Contact


UNO-PS/1AC/24DC/150W Power supply unit


Phoenix Contact


RIF-1-BSC/2X21 Relay base


Phoenix Contact


REL-MR-230AC/21-21AU Single relay


Phoenix Contact


HMI SCB MOUNTING KIT 4 Mounting material


Phoenix Contact


Siemens S7 1200 PLC


Alexandria Training Center


Siemens S7 300 PLC


Alexandria Training Center




Alexandria Training Center


Signal Generator


Alexandria Training Center


Power Supply 5v 3 A


Alexandria Training Center


8 Small AC – DC motors


Alexandria Training Center


Control Panel 100 * 70 Cm


Alexandria Training Center


Cables 1mm (200 m)


Alexandria Training Center


Cables Terminals Bag


Alexandria Training Center


Wire Label


Alexandria Training Center


Cable Tray

20 m

Alexandria Training Center


Tools (screw Drivers – Hammers – Drill – etc…)


Alexandria Training Center

SWOT Analysis


 High machining cost

 Lack of funding may cause many engineering difficulties and push us to rely on less important technologies

 Internet service may suffer disconnection through some important meetings


We are the first Egyptian team to qualify for the competition and this Motivates us to succeed

The team has extensive experience in the fields of mechanical design, embedded systems, automation and control

Upon success, Allah willing, we strive that each of us will lead a new team at Xplore 2020 competition


The execution time is short and therefore fast actions need to be taken

The possibility of a change in the price of the currency will affect the prices of automation products

The negotiation of the equipment plant grant needs a very professional implementation of the Prototype Training Machine


We will use the existing automation and embedded systems equipment in our company to establish cross Platform networks between equipment of different Brands such as Phoenix and Siemens This is a unique experience for our trainees in the future and the point of superiority of the project

 We will use our training experience to create an integrated curriculum for different technologies

  Our dream to establish an equipment factory Startup is achievable

Our Youth Support related experiences

 We carried out the Egyptian - UAE Grant for the Qualification of Youth to the labor market for 400 engineers and technicians, and the employment rate was more than 60% during the first three months of completion of the grant

Each year we lecture Free courses for students of the Faculty of Engineering in electronics and embedded systems

We periodically participate in scientific projects at conferences in the Library of Alexandria attended by children of public schools from all around Egypt to teach technology to them free of charge

We started this year with the implementation of a free annual grant for young engineers who are unable to pay for courses, to qualify them for the labor market

Support us and be a part of an industrial startup that combines science, experience and ambition

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Ahmed Tahoun
12 Dec,2017

Ahmed Tahoun
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Karim Banawan
09 Dec,2017

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Joy Millman
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Mohamed ALI Hefnawy
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نشكر كل من دعمنا من السادة الأفاضل المتبرعين فقد تمكنا الان من الوصول للحد الأول من الدعم الاساسي اللازم لتنفيذ الجزء الاول و الاهم من الماكينه و جاري بالفعل العمل على التنفيذ و الاتفاق مع الورش التي سننفذ بها التصنيع 
كما جاري الان برمجة ال
PLC Systems - HMI system - Communication Through Profinet 

لتكون النظم جاهزه للتركيب و التشغيل النهائي

كما أحب ان أشكر الشركات التي ساهمت في دعمنا 

من ماليزيا

من مصر  م.محمد عبدالرازق - حماده للالكترونيات 

  22 Jan,2018

Dear TR1 supporters 

we thank Allah then you for the success of the implementation phase of our machine , this is our final video sent to Phoenix Contact jury on 20/1/2018 we wait for their decision while we will still work on improving our machine to do its main purpose of training the young youth we started by carrying out a free PLC course at the Egyptians syndicate of Engineers and we will make sure they get the best practical experience of such course by training on our machine thanks again 


 abdullah shawky

the Video URL

Some Images

  08 Feb,2018


تأهلنا لنهائيات مسابقة Xplore  كأحد أفضل 20 مشروع حول العالم و سننافس على المراكز الأولى بفضل دعمكم الكريم

انتظروا الهدايا التحفيزيه فور عودتنا بمنتصف شهر مارس ان شاء الله .

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