The story of a kid from a poor hood in Casablanca who made it to be a breakdance world champion
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The documentary follows a kid who lives in one of the most crime-ridden neighbourhoods of Casablanca, Morocco. It tells his story and how he became a breakdancer on the streets, until he worked his way up to become a World Champion. This kid is called Fouad, aka Lilzoo. He is the youngest member of the breakdance crew, Lhiba Kingzoo. The crew is the reason why Lilzoo started dancing.

The documentary not only depicts Lilzoo’s dance career, but also follows his daily life. He has not only accomplished what so many global dancers only dream of doing, he’s also just a regular kid from Casablanca, the member of a crew like any other. The story of Lilzoo aims to not only inspire and motivate dancers all around the world, but to show anybody that his or her dream can come true– and especially the Casablanca youth.

I started working on this project more than three years ago by following Lilzoo during his travels and his normal life. 

The documentary is not finished yet. There is still a lot of work to do. The participation in the Zoomal campaign is my possibility to finish the documentary on Lilzoo’s life and career.

How can you help?

We need to raise $5,000 now to fund the project and finish the documentary. 
That includes filming, editing and travel expenses to conduct interviews and follow Lilzoo to his next events, in Algeria and Germany. 

The Zoomaal campaign is only successful if the financial goal is met. Please help us reach our goal, no matter how small your contribution is! Anything you can contribute will help to fund our project. 

Please also consider sharing our Zoomaal link on Facebook or Twitter and encourage your friends, or anyone who maybe interested, to check us out! Thank you for your time, interest and support!

Lilzoo (Lhiba kingzoo)  practicing in the Park 

Lilzoo (Lhiba kingzoo)  in World champion of breakdance in Seoul 


Here some other video of  lilzoo

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I am a breakdancer, filmmaker and photographer. I started playing chess when I was five years old, leading me to fall in love with mathematics, logic and strategy. I began dancing at age 16. With my background in chess, my…

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All of the above + a 30 min Skype conversation with me ,Lilzoo and Lhiba kingzoo :)
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All of the above + a 1hour Skype conversation with me ,Lilzoo and Lhiba kingzoo your welcome to visite us in Famous practice place and share with us our life :)
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