A series of short documentaries about several stories and experiences in the Arab World

It is a series of short documentaries made of 3 parts. Each one presents real stories.
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A temporary situation

A temporary situation: How can we heal from our love to Tunisia? It is the first title of a series of short documentaries. Its duration is about 23 minutes produced and directed by Ayoub Abbous.

The movie is about a young syrian man who leaves his country because of the current situation in Syria which became a threat to his life. He escapes to several countries to finally arrive to Tunisia where he meet his lover. However the complexity of legal procedures for Syrian people hinders his ambitions and foces him to immigrate once again leaving behind his lover and memories.

This documentary shed the light on immigration issues and social conditions experienced by most of Syrian immigrants in Tunisia.

The idea:

Harsh economic conditions and political conflicts witnessed in the Arab region had negative impacts on the lifestyle of large segments of Arab society which led to increase the rate of poverty and psychological disturbance.

All these pressures may generate illegal temptations as an attempt to overcome certain crisis.

However certain categories of people were able to struggle and determine their goals and needs in order to enhance their current situations and develop their environments.

In a series of short documentaries composed of 3 parts, real stories and interviews of real people will be presented as a testimony of a reality misunderstood by certain categories.

The 3 short documentaries will shed the light on 3 principal themes in the Arab world:

- Illegal immigration.

- Harrassment.

- Women struggles and sacrifices.

Moving and unpredictable moments, with a touch of humor and spontaneity will allow viewers to experience new emotions.

Because of the diversity of topics and stories that will be presented to the viewer, travelling and visiting different places will be a necessity in order to discover new testimonies that can be compared and explored.

A budget of $ 21,000 U.S. dollars is required:

·  To cover travel expenses and logistic matters.

·  To cover participants expenses in this work.

·  To cover Media campaign expenses that will be held at the end of the project.

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A version of the short documentary A temporary situation: how to heal from loving Tunisia? was shown to the public who interacted with the movie and expressed its satisfaction. Several Arab media also covered it. Considering the current situation of…

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