Leem Application first instant messaging application in the hands of the Arab world and features

Leem Instant messaging first application of its kind in the hands of the Arab world and feature
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Application Leem first Arabic application instant messaging (chat) features the largest and most popular global competition applications.

Project Idea :

Leaved come to us the idea of ​​creating such Hakma application when we had problems in communicating with some friends and we were forced to download many applications and it was very difficult process, it is here, come to us the idea to create an application that includes all the features in the application and one place and in a simple and beautiful it easier for users to communicate with others, and these features:

1-voice call feature and video that run on the Internet throughput weak calls (because the Internet in the Arab countries is relatively weak) and this feature will facilitate communication between users (friends, relatives, and others).

2. Send files feature Bbg formulas and a large size to facilitate sending files between users.

3. The security and safety of Higher and encryption of messages and calls with the latest global encryption technologies feature to ensure the user's privacy and protect it from spyware.

4. send an encrypted message feature is password protected and must open the message to the password set by the sender mode.

5. user to link cloud storage services, such as Google Drive Won Drive and Drop Box to create a backup copy of the talks, files and others.

6. support animation feature (Gif) in the conversation.

7. Support the property post YouTube videos in the conversation.

8. support 90 different languages ​​for the application.

9. Control feature full-color backgrounds in the application and change them as needed.

10. Advantage application by Bassa devices that support this technology lock or by drawing Embossing.

11. Stop seeing posters or video media, and is activated when the user only.

12. feature additions effects, filters and labels on the captured or selected images from the phone.

13. admirable feature messages and pictures sent.

14. Making calls from the application to any phone in the world at discounted the value to be determined for each country separately advantage.

15. advantage of saving files and important messages to the user and ensure that no damage or loss to facilitate the retrieval process at any time by the user.

16. voice mail users an advantage.

17. activate the account Bashaddam phone number feature.

18. Supporting all platforms (Android, iOS, windows phone and BlackBerry and platform for Web Beautiful and attractive design competes with well-known applications.

19. Report offensive member of the group by the application manager feature to automatically scans all messages, images and videos of Hama member of the group

20. Install Message feature the highest group (VAL) the manager or assistant who Ptaanhm

21. Can supervisors groups added their own signature in messages that are sent in groups

.22- Number of people could be added to the 1000 people groups

23. integration of small and smooth browser with the application to open links sent within the application to increase security and safety feature.

24. User Profile: App users can change the personal image and the situation for its own profile at any time and synced to all his friends in real time and directly.

25. Post saved files with users' freedom to feature effortlessly through feature the participation of a message, image, audio file or video between users or other files.

26. conference calls feature video and audio at a Ovsy 100 people from the users.

27. conduct challenges among friends advantage through special games are programmed by a dedicated team games and then these are integrated within the gaming application.

28. feature send and receive money among friends and use the in-app purchase

29. capture and share great videos feature

30. provide Internet data in the application feature

31. Quick Reply messages from property notices

32. possibility of sending compressed files in addition to files format APKS

33. Instant Messaging feature Achaarat- and notices are available to the application as soon as receive messages and notify the user and thus the possibility of the emergence of notices or closure of the control and tone control notices.

And many other features.

This study took a two months of research and learning to get to these features.

the cost :

The project cost is 25 thousand dollars go to:

* The cost of the servers in the Arab countries is estimated at ($ 10 thousand) and $ Alvin go to the inauguration and installation of servers.

* The cost of servers, which will be distributed to the rest of the countries (nine thousand dollars) and a thousand dollars to go to the inauguration and installation of servers.

* Wages of the team that will work for nearly five months, namely, (three thousand dollars).

How they help us in another way?

If you believe in our project and share the same ambitions, but you can not make financial contributions can help in many other ways:

· Be an ambassador for the project, the project sent to your friends and tell people about the application.

· Post a campaign on social networking sites. ·

· Connect with us on Alvesok, Twitter, Instagram and tell us your suggestions and ideas for our application.

* Helped us to publish positive and inspiring side of the Arab world. Thank you so much!

We wish your support for our project, which we dream to achieve for years.

Names will be mentioned and the establishment of a special version of the application for the supporters of our project.

Any questions and inquiries before you, please contact us via the following e-mail: Abdullah.ibrahim448@gmail.com

We are happy to answer all your questions :)

We are pleased to offer you the preliminary designs for the application of a Klaty:

Preliminary designs for application with some of its features:

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