Guide the people of Gaza from the darkness to the light

implementation of LED networks in the homes of 500 of the poorest families to enable them at least decent light in the dark nights
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For 10 years the citizens of the Gaza Strip have suffered from the shortage of electricity which affected their lives heavily in every way possible from their social situation to their economic situation with no solutions in the near future they must live under the constant suffering and the inability to function. they look at the world throw their TV sets during the few hours that the electricity is ON with no way to reach it because of the inflected siege on the Strip what we are aiming to do is to ease their suffering throw the implementation of LED networks in the homes of 500 of the poorest families to enable them at least a decent light in the dark nights of the winter

With your help they will be able to see again in the darkness that overlaps their lives.

We need an amount of 12,000 $ for every 100 houses and we are planning to target 500 houses Which totals to 60,000 $ Every amount that we will receive will go to creating progress on our goal

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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Al Najd Developmental Forum is a Non-governmental, non-profit, non-political humanity based organization, established in 2007. Works all over the Gaza Strip in the filed of emergency, relief and humanitarian assistant. NDF is one of the leading humanitarian organizations, bringing together…

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