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Leaders Classroom is an educational platform to empower the youth to become global leaders to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Hey All!

I want to tell you all something about me before I jump into what Leaders Classroom is. My name is Saima, I am a 19 year old social entrepreneur, I have started 2 social organisations Step Up and Leaders Classroom. I aim to capitalize on the power of the youth to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I have won the following awards and media mentions:

Delegate at United Nations Headquarters , NY (2016)

International Diana Award for Champion Volunteer, UK (2016)

Global Champion at Yale University- World Scholar’s Cup(2011)

Brand Ambassador & Maximum Pledge Award -Breast Cancer Awareness (2015)

Child Prodigy Award -BigIdea(2015)

Panel Speaker- Young Women Leadership Summit(2015)

Finalist for Business Simulation Competition -SP Jain University(2015)

Interview with NTV UAE:

Interview with Friday Magazine:

Interview with Arabian Frames:

Interview with Splash Fashions (Splash Heart of Gold Winner):

Interview with Khaleej Times:

Interview with City 101.6:

Speaker at TEDxAmityUniversityDubai

Winner of the Emirates Woman Awards 2017

Daughter of the Emirates with Khaleej Times

Interview with Khaleej Times:

About Leaders Classroom:

Leaders Classroom (LC) is an online platform to connect the youth aged between 5-25 to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). LC aims at building a network of powerful millennials and companies to introduce CSR, Sustainable Development and Global Renowned Leadership. 

Who is Leaders Classroom for?

  1. Anyone aged between 5-25 years
  2. Willing to start a project, initiative, campaign or company of their own
  3. Connecting with like minded global leaders
  4. Sustainable Development or Corporate Social Responsibility 
  5. Special reservation for youth from under-developed countries

What we offer

  1. Revolutionized leadership training and coaching 
  2. Global Network of enthusiastic millennials 
  3. Coaching and leadership programs 
  4. Certification 
  5. Probable internship opportunities
  6. Developing CSR and Sustainable Development Business Plans 
  7. CV and Presentation training 
  8. Seed Capital 

Why Leaders Classroom?

For the first time a whole energy of ambition is being focused on the empowerment of the youth to solve social problems. Leaders Classroom aims at giving birth to rising millennials to fully equip them with the right type of training, education, certification and CEO like position. 

I don't have the money!

It's okay if you can't contribute in cash but please contribute in kind by sharing this among your social network and encouraging them to contribute. 

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Dubai (Dubayy), United Arab Emirates
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I am a 19 year old social entrepreneur, I have won many accolades in the field of social service, uplifting of communities, empower women and youth, contributing actively to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. My talents lie in the…

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