King of the Galaxy (the most addictive iOS/android game ever create)

A game enthusiast putting together a Game studio for the most epic -strategy/action - fast paced game ever created worldwide,by Arab talents
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The name is shady , a 27 year old games enthusiast with a ton of gaming ideas that will change the whole gaming concept by binding the world of fast paced addictive games with the world of gaming strategy. 

King of the Galaxy takes place on planet Mars after humans ignorantly polluted & destroyed our beloved earth. When the toxicity on earth reached critical conditions, Government officials had no choice but to launch operation Noah's ark towards Mars & face the challenges of building a new world . While humans are best known for their greed , power & authority the fight between ex country leaders continues , little did they know that they were not alone on the new undiscovered planet ....   

 * Build defenses to protect your base 

*upgrade your mothership level to unlock new enhancements 

*take your battleship to war against your enemies & steal their resources 

*challenge your Facebook friends 

And much more 

I have already put together a great team of Arab artists , designers & developers to start working on the game as soon as we hit the first milestone in cooperation with a top notch team of European & American designers to insure a great final product & to enhance our team's skills and experience to become 100% independent in the future.

First milestone : we already have the full game scope documentation ready so we'll start on creating the arts & design for everything from game dashboard to 2D&3D characters, graphic design , ships , futuristic space machines & weapons.

2nd milestone : the simple yet complicated & post important part (coding), were we put the game together with all its aspects & gameplay. A single mistake in the codes could make the Whole project fail, lag & make the gamer experience terrible.

3rd milestone  : finalizing & testing the game , adding final modifications if needed then game release and advertisement to help it go viral worldwide .

The gaming industry is huge and is getting bigger & bigger each year , unfortunately the Arab world is almost not participating at all in the industry even though we have a lot of great talents working as individuals and just waiting for an opportunity to shine. I hope with your support we'll be able to create this awesome game which surely will amaze & will definitely help grow our small studio to a company that can create opportunities for all the Arab geek inventors & challenge the current gaming pioneers.

If you like the idea but can't financially support the project we would really appreciate your help in spreading the word by sharing our project idea , every little help counts.

Thanks for your support in advance , wish us luck :)

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A gaming enthusiast, a team leader who's dream is to see the Arab world take part in the gaming production industry. My focus is creating the game ideas that we have to help grow our small game studio in to…

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