Summary is an online store that launched in 2016. Our goal is to make shopping easier, comfortable, enjoyable and hassle free.
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Salam All,

We are a group of ambitious entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, and based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Our CEO Majed Kaki, is a visionary and a great leader. Over the past 10 years, he delivered many successful projects and is continuing to do so. One of the most important things to him is to keep a positive and dynamic environment.

Our Operations Manager (COO) Dr. Ahmed Idrees, is a hands on type of guy. You will find him most of the time working with our fulfillment team picking, packing and delivering orders to our customers. His background as a doctor made him able to withstand stress, pressure and long working hours with ease.

Our idea began once we started noticing that most of our family and friends are buying much of their things online from the US, the UK and other different countries. When asked, they all mostly had the same answers, variety, quality, price and it's dependable.

We started thinking, why don't we have the same experience here, in the Middle East. The idea and the name Kasban (Kasban means winner in Arabic) is derived from that. We want to be able to offer all of the things that's offered abroad and more. We want all our customers to be winners.

The problem we are facing is that such projects to succeed require funding, which we don't have much of. So we are asking you to back us and support us. We will need $120,000 to keep our project running. We will also need your support in spreading the word about Kasban, let your family and friends know about us.

We need to build an APP (IOS & Android) and we will need to add more products on our store. We will also need to do some marketing to spread the word.

Your support will give us a strong chance to succeed in our project. And as a thank you, we will be offering all our backers and supporters free delivery for a whole year. As well as a Kasban cap and T-shirt. 

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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A team of highly motivated entrepreneurs living in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We wake up everyday with one goal in mind, make a difference. Working together as a family is where our strength comes from, we bring experience…

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$25 or more

1000 Available

Shop at and get 5 deliveries in Jeddah for a 25% discount
$100 or more

200 Available

As a thank you for your support get a Kasban t-shirt and cap
$500 or more

200 Available

Get 125 Deliveries in the city of Jeddah for a 50% discount
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