“VISA” is KARAMA’s second album - Dedicated to all 3rd world citizens
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Salam and welcome all,

We are KARAMA, a band formed in 2011 by Moroccan Oud player and composer Soufian Saihi with members from Japan, Spain, Venezuela and the UK.

After 4 years of hard work, the time has come to record our second album entitled “VISA” which will contain 9 tracks of new compositions embracing the subjects of immigration, the Arab world, modern technology and more.

We dream of “VISA” being heard all over the Arab world and beyond.

Our first task is to bring "VISA" to life. The album production requires $15,000. This will cover costs of recording, mixing, mastering, cover artwork, CD duplication as well as behind the scenes DVD production. 

To climb onto the second step we need an additional $5,000.

This will help us promote "VISA" through a carefully planned marketing campaign. We will also produce video clips for the songs "VISA" and "ARABI" and we'll make sure they go viral!

To reach our ultimate goal we need to raise a total of $30,000

Soufian can now travel with the band members and it is possible for KARAMA to perform live for the 1st time in the Arab world, we aim to achieve this before the end of 2016, our 1st Arab world tour is to include Casablanca, Cairo, Beirut and Dubai. 

We dream of a brighter future for the Arab world as you do, and we hope that one day we can perform in all the Arab countries. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, we cannot make this happen without your support, please share the project, spread the word and the love. 

Check out Soufian's interview on BBC Xtra

السلام عليكم و مرحبا بكم

نحن كرامة، فريق أسس في سنة ٢٠١١ من طرف عازف العود و الملحن المغربي سفيان الصيحي و يتكون من أعضاء من اليابان، إسبانيا، فنزويلا و المملكة المتحدة

بعد أربع سنوات من العمل الجاد حان الوقت لتسجيل ألبومنا الثاني الذي يحمل عنوان "فيزا" والذي يشمل ٩ ألحان جديدة تتطرق لمواضيع الهجرة، العالم العربي، علاقتنا بالتكنولوجيا و مواضيع أخرى.

حلمنا أن يسمع الألبوم في جميع أقطار العالم العربي

مهمّتنا الأولى هي إخراج "فيزا" للوجود. إنتاج الألبوم يتطلّب $١٥٠٠٠

"يتكفّل المبلغ بالتّسجيل، تكاليف مرحلة ما بعد الإنتاج، تصميم الغلاف، نسخ الشريط و انتاج فيلم "خلف الكواليس

للوصول للخطوة الثانية نحتاج إلى ٥٠٠٠$ إضافية

سيساعدنا هذا المبلغ على ترويج الألبوم من خلال حملة تسويق مخطط لها بعناية. سوف ننتج أيضا مقطعي فيديو كليب لأغنية "فيزا" و "عربي" وسوف نحرص على أن يحصِّلا على عدد هائل من المشاهدات

لوصول هدفنا الرئيسي يجب علينا جمع مبلغ إجمالي قيمته $٣٠٠٠٠

وأخيرا يستطيع سفيان الأن السفر مع باقي أعضاء المجموعة وصار من الممكن أن تقدِّم كرامة عروضاً للمرّة الأولى في العالم العربي، نطمح لتحقيق ذلك في غضون السنة المقبلة. جولتنا الأولى ستشمل مدن الدار البيضاء، القاهرة، بيروت ودبي

نحلم بمستقبل أكثر إشراقا للعالم العربي مثلكم، ونتمنّى أن نقدم عروضاً في كل الأقطار العربية في المستقبل القريب

شكرا لكم للإطلاع على صفحتنا، ليس في استطاعتنا تحقيق هذا الأمر بدون دعمِكم، الرجاء إيصال المشروع لكلِّ مهتمّ و نشر الكلمة و المحبّة

There are no backers for this project yet.

  03 Jul,2015

Thank you very much for your support and for believing in KARAMA!

Here is a phone recording from our last rehearsal, can't wait to record it in the studio and produce ''VISA''

Click here to listen to ARABI Rehearsal on Soundcloud

Have a great weekend :)

  11 Jul,2015

Karama Coming Of Age

From Seddiq's journey notebook: 

"Pitching memory before the oblivion"

It would be easier for me to act as a casual audience member to promote them. But that would be cheating, some sort of ‘insider trading’, since I am their number one fan. I knew Karama since the stage of conception. I might even have helped putting the plan together.
The founder of the band, the Moroccan-born oud virtuoso Soufian Saihi, is a close friend of mine. I met him when I was looking for oud lessons on Gumtree and came across his profile. I first took up the instrument wholeheartedly, and it didn't take long before my enthusiasm started to fade away, as you would have expected. Meanwhile, Soufian introduced me to his fascinating world, and I got him entangled to my much boring surrounding.
Soufian used to share a top floor two-bed with an undetermined number of flatmates. At any given evening, an ever-changing cast of musicians from different ethnic origins and social backgrounds could invest the bachelor pad, others would simply ‘crash the party’ uninvited, the crowd would swell from two or three tenfold.

Next, the austere place turns into a backstage and a rehearsal mood prevails. A Brazilian percussionist would be trying an oriental beat, an English jazz double-bassist straining to keep in tune with the North African guembri, while an unconventional guitarist plucking in harmony with an academy laureate Japanese flute player… The cacophonous warm-up would tidy itself up into an elevating output of sweet melodies and intricate rhythms With his oud as a lead instrument, Soufian proved a natural conductor able to foster a crossover from different genres.

What started as relaxed private performances gradually turned into serious gigs in some of London’s trendy pubs and live music venues. Karama (Arabic for dignity) soon started to hook the interest of the media and alternative music festivals’ organisers, catering for a multicultural fusion-loving public. A positively biased audience but, alas, with no significant market power. Soufian and his friends are familiar with the industry key facts, and so are the plethora of accomplished artists wandering around Covent Garden and Camden Town. But how accommodating and flexible should they be to integrate mainstream entertainment, without compromising their soul? That’s an existential question only they are allowed to answer.

Nevertheless, last time I saw the band members (some of them for the first time), I have noticed some ‘grown up’ features: intent on time-keeping, regular rehearsals, original production.. a professional attitude overall. The young Karama has matured up, with all the pros and cons.

Now I feel happy for Soufiane, Haruna, Demi, Riad and Elizabeth.. as well as those who left an those who will join in. They will eventually come out of their bohemian phase with its chronic shortage of money. It’s about time. Yet, when my bus runs along Old Kent Road, I cast a fond look at that unattractive block of flats. The reel of memories would unwind and I could see myself reluctantly rushing to catch the last train, leaving behind a cheerful company and a cast of performers worthy of a TV show.

Seddiq Abou El Hassan

Seddiq's Journey Notebook

"Pitching memory before the oblivion"

  12 Jul,2015

Thank you so much for supporting KARAMA!

We had a brilliant session at BBC Radio 3 In Tune last Friday and we thought we'd share it with you, click the link to listen to Soufian's short interviews and us playing live from 1:33 to 1:49 and from 1:56 to 2:00. 


Have a great week ahead!

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KARAMA was formed by Moroccan Oud player and composer Soufian Saihi in 2011, his compositions fuse tradition with modernity, finding inspiration from the sacred Gnawa music, North African and Classical Arabic music. KARAMA’s songs tell the story of the immigrant,…

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- Private gig by KARAMA at your event (Not including accommodation and travel) - 5 signed copies of “VISA” to the names of your choice - A thank you on our website - A thank you in the CD booklet - 5 signed album artwork A6 photos to the names of your choice - 5 tickets to our album launch concert in London - VISA Behind the scenes DVD signed by all band members
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