A project to help a good man in the community to reopen his tool/fixing shop which just got robbed.
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 11 Jan,2017

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this man has work so hard to open this store, he fixes almost every household item and helps out a lot in the community, he recently expanded his store and bought well over $10 000 of professional and everyday tools he took a loan from the and he got robbed they took almost everything. I'm trying to help him out because he is a very good man and he helps out a lot. we need $5000 to help him out. your contribution will help out a lot this is not a charity case we are trying to reopen a store that just got robbed because there isn' anything like it in our community.

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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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i am a electro mecanic student who is just trying to help out a man in his community

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$20 or more

300 Available

if you pledge you will get a very warm thank you email from us
$50 or more

200 Available

if you fund 50$ we will send you a very arm thank you email with a picture of the store
$200 or more

10 Available

if you pledge you will get free fixing for life on all your household items from seeling fans to hairdriers if you live near us of course
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