High Youth Unemployment Is a Major Economic and Social Concern in Jordan. We want to provide a training, in PC maintenance for Jordan Youth.
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Youth in Jordan

Amman, Jordan – Youth here are starving to participate in social, economic and political decision-making processes.

Nearly 70 percent of the country’s population is aged 30 or younger,according to the United Nations, and 22 percent of the population is from 15 to 24 years old. However, the World Bank finds that youth unemployment is around a staggering 28 percent, and its forecast to increase.

In the economic realm, youth face high levels of unemployment and/or underemployment, particularly among university graduates and women. There is also a mismatch between youth workforce skills and job market demands—including soft skills, work-readiness, and practical, entrepreneurial and technical skills.

The lack of economic opportunity and inadequate training is discouraging many young job seekers and students, as one 25-year-old man in Ma’an described.

“There should be providers to help youth in job placement, work-readiness and soft skills,” he said.  “I stopped my study at the high school after being an A+ student, because my brothers graduated from universities and couldn’t find jobs.”

Youth with disabilities feel that they have access to even fewer opportunities.

Compounding these obstacles, more than 1.3 million refugees and asylum seekers are currently in Jordan, adding pressure to already strained political and economic systems.

These challenges that youth encounter have helped to contribute to increased crime, violence, drug use and radicalism.

Many Jordanian youth complete their education, yet the education is not translating into a high quality, full-time employment. To make a good school-to-work transition, young people need, in addition to quality education, the opportunities for civic engagement so that they are sufficiently prepared to effectively participate during adulthood. This is particularly needed for girls, whose mobility outside their home is often limited. Young Syrian refugees in Jordan equally require positive engagement and participation opportunities.


-  High Youth Unemployment Is a Major Economic and Social Concern in Jordan.

-  Youth's Education Is Not Aligned with Skill Requirements of the Private Sector Labor Market.

-  Many youth recognize the lack of suitability of their educational preparation for the requirements of the job market.

-  Asylum seekers in Jordan, adding pressure to already strained political and economic systems.

-  Youth with disabilities have less access to opportunities.

How can we help

Our goal is to contribute in these major challenges these young people face and to address their needs.

We propose to provide a vocational training, in Computer maintenance, as Jordan is a leading country in the increase use of computers. This training will help youth to enhance and acquire technical skills that will enable them to have an opportunity to start their own computer maintenance workshop and eventfully to self depend and grow.

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Amman, Jordan
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I am a Jordanian Youth, working with NGOs in Jordan to help in the country development, and i saw this growing problem, so i wanted to implement this project to help out and do my part.

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