It's the first site and app (virtual reality) particularly in Jordan ! 3D
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are a group of young (Amr and Mahmoud and Dina) from Jordan, out of our faith in the principle of the development , encourage and improve tourism in Jordan and the principle of keep abreast of developments in the field of photography panoramic 360 ° In order to make it easier on ourselves and others in many things related to travel , wander and Tourism in many areas in the Jordan ... we launched our project (Jonorama) !

  • What is Jonorama ?

In short, it is the first site uses VR ( virtual reality ) technology, particularly in Jordan, where you can go to the site and choose any place in Jordan you want to see , wandering in it in 360 degree without any need to leave your home! .

  • How it works ?

After shooting many places in Jordan, with a set of high-quality and processing cameras , we will Merge all of pictures and videos using professional programs, and we will upload all the pictures and the videos to a simple website , easy to use in the search for tourist areas or archaeological , or even other popular areas like schooles , universities, malls and a lot ..., so you will be able to wander in any place you want using your phone alone or with virtual reality VR glasses (such as Google cardboard and gear vr) or via your computer or laptop . 

and to be the idea clear for you, who had never heard about or used google street view service which is existing in Google Maps , which can make you wander in many places in Europe , USA and more , and some little places in the Arab world like the pyramids , Khalifa tower , but unfortunately , Google have shooted only Petra in Jordan , this reason is on of the main reasons that made us start our big idea .

  • What are the requirements to use Jonorama site? 

after the success of the campaign and building the website and the app , there is nothing required , only download our application or enter our website on your smartphone or laptop for free, then start exploring the areas in Jordan , is easy and smart ways .

  • The amount that is needed is 7,000$ which will be distributed as follows:

1. The purchase of specialized shooting cameras in the panoramic 360 °.

2. Buy , build and host fully programmable and website.

3. Building the professional app and uploading it in Google Play , App store and other stores so can people download it from there .

4. purchaseing of photography special equipment (such as a tripod, lenses ...) .

5. The purchase of specialized programs in image processing, videos, panoramic 360 

6. The purchase of a laptop specialist in graphics to high quality output.

7. movements costs in our journey to the places that we want to shoot in Jordan.

8. Publicity and advertising for the site.

In the end , our big project is yours , and with your material , moral contribution and support we will set the project up and it will become reality 

Your support means a lot to us, whether physically or mentally

And If you like the idea but you can not support the project financially , share it with your friends through social networking sites

This is a set of gifts that express our thanks and gratitude to you our support, our happiness for your supporting is priceless :D

share it :)

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We are a group of young (Amr , Mahmoud and Dina) from Jordan , Amr 21 years old studing Mechatronics Engineering ,Obsessed with technology, loves designing and photography , Mahmoud 18 years old loves Programming , photography and website developing…

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we will host you to watch how the proces of shooting the places to be done in a place you choose , with a VR Google Cardsboard and mention your name as out Diamond sponser
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