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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Feels Digital is going to be a Web and Social Media Management platform with many tools that will help businesses up their brand and communication in a world where communication is getting lost between multiple platforms. 

Business these days usually have emails, a website, and 2 to 3 social media platforms they are trying to manage all at once. The pressures of all these communication mediums can be daunting at times, as you have to check your emails then check the website comments or chat, then check the comments on Instagram and reply to them, then move to Twitter and reply there as well.

Businesses have a few choices when it comes to handling these pressures:

  1. Hire staff or a team to run all social media platforms (Costly)
  2. Hire an expensive social media manager that charges a lot and doesn't use all appropriate tools and does not give appropriate feedback.
  3. leave the work all together and not worry about it (Fail)

Feels Digital are offering tools and real knowledge on how to properly and professionally manage communications at a low cost.

Services that Feels Digital offer:

  1. Business Essentials for startups
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Website Management
  4. Website design
  5. Website Chat
  6. Advert production
  7. Video & Animation
  8. Branding & Logo Creation

Summary of our services:

Business Essentials for startups

Feels digital will offer two services for startups:

  1. Business naming, where we help pick a good name, and help with the purchase of a website name, and social media setup.
  2. Startup Essentials, where we create a logo, build an advanced website (both English and Arabic languages), create brand background(s), look for appropriate typography, pick color(s), create 2 Banners, a business card, the letterhead, and email signature.

Social Media Management

Feels digital will offer 4 services in this section:

  1. Social Media Manager (Light)
  2. Social Media Manager (Heavy)
  3. Respond to comments & Chats only (Light, up to 50 users)
  4. Respond to comments & Chats only (Heavy, up to 150 users)

The Social Media Manager option entails: Editing & Publishing (8 Posts for the light option and 16 for the heavy); Respond to comments & Chats; Business profile logo and text updating; Add contact and directions; Constant contact with client; And Boost suggestions.

Website Management

In this service Feels Digital offers a Wordpress Website monthly development (Light Load & Heavy load options), Which Include Maintenance ie backups, blog posts and page updates plus news posts.

Website design

Feels digital offers 4 website design and development options for companies that need a new Wordpress website:

  1. Light option
  2. Light option + Arabic
  3. Heavy option
  4. Heavy option + Arabic

The light options will include:

Wordpress Site, English language, up to 6 pages (Home, Services, Contact, plus 2 extra pages plus a blog or news page), Training

The heavy option will include:

Wordpress Site, English language, up to 12 pages (Home, Services, Contact, About Us, plus 7 extra pages plus a blog or news page), Training, Basic SEO and Google implementations.

Website Chat

A nice simple lovely looking chat plugin for Wordpress websites that Feels Digital will manage for your company's website.

The Final Services:

  • Advert production
  • Video & Animation
  • Branding & Logo Creation

These are basic advertising company services that most companies are used to by now, that is why i will not go over them here.

I will be adding the prices by tomorrow, so keep a lookout.

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