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Jahbaz.com is an online convention center that facilitates virtual live tutoring classes.
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Jahbaz is an Arabic word for a person with an above of average intelligence, ultimate genies …Synonym for, master, expert, scientist The project is a work from home platform that works as a recruitment solution for teachers to work part time jobs, make an impact on education and make extra income. Also a solution for students to access a variety of learning classes styles; at lower prices, using easy to attain technology; achieve educational goals in a relaxed, encouraging environment like .. HOME! 

The project will be kicked off by developing the beta version 'prototype' for the platform that is a user friendly interface which is a unified platform for users like teachers, students/parents.

According to the UNESCO information communications technology (ICT) transforming education guide: Using ICT to broaden educational opportunity and help students develop the skills they—and Jordan—need to thrive in the 21st century.

Jahbaz.com the ‘e-learning community project’ has substantial social and economic effects that include:

  • Use technology effectively to improve education quality.
  • Help increase student engagement, motivation, and attendance.
  • Effectively improve performance on core school subjects.
  • Raise the development of the 21st century skills required for both teachers and students in emerging countries like Jordan.
  • Create opportunities for students/teachers with disabilities, to participate improve their self-esteem and motivate them to participate in institutionalized knowledge exchange.
  • Benefit the economy when empowering a technology educated workforce of teachers.

This project will raise awareness on education technology adoption in our community; implement a comprehensive marketing campaign with direct messages to reach out to teachers and students, shedding light on the value of e-learning and recognizing early adopters for promoting it to everyone else. Jahbaz.com will present a user friendly digitized application process that will verify, qualify, and certify teachers to meet prerequisite criteria and apply for online tutoring jobs. 

The direct impact on education:

  • Employabi-lity portal for conducting part/full time jobs
  • Enablement for new tutoring job opportunities from home that has economic income rewards.
  • Provide a comprehensive Jordanian online teacher directory accessible from students around the globe.
  • Empowerment via HR professional guidance and compensation, advise and support section. 
  • Virtual classrooms offered for educators from around the globe.
  • Personalized e-learning platform with E-learning multimedia video conferencing tools that facilitates online teaching sessions.
  • Builds trust between students, teachers, and even parents.

On Jahbaz.com:

Students: Better grades and flexible home work!

Teachers:  Tutor with the best! Join the tribe.

If you love your field and want to share your knowledge, you’ll love being an online tutor with Jahbaz.com; work from home, earn extra income and work on subjects you are passionate about and benefit students of your own country. 

We aim to work on promoting the platform regionally, encourage tutoring part time jobs, develop education standards, support and build an online Jordanian tutoring community that can be utilized anywhere in the world. Visit Jahbaz.com now and support bringing this project to life!

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Luckily! for the first 60 contributors we will offer a free live group class for a student referral from your side; for the first school subject that will be offered on Jahbaz.com! live classes price of reward 30 $ Gladly! those students who will be the first to attend Jahbaz.com classes will be invited to upload customized and personal video testimonials on the portal; and directly express how cool the class experience was, and tell people how they support Jahbaz.com for Jordans’ education sector. The successful launch of this platform is the ultimate reward. Be part of this success and enable next generations use simple e-learning technology from home only to make the best out of there schooling. Take part in developing this platform, serve Jordanian students, support teachers, and empower our society.
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