A training manual ,tutorial, photographer and integrated on the skills of invention
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

   About the campaign:

The campaign to gather the desired goal for the preparation and output book to be a training manual ,tutorial, photographer and integrated on the skills of invention; where we are lacking for these kinds of books about invention science.we try to make up for the shortage in this guide: photographer, fun and provider with integrated exercises,so our methodology is not boring style  and material .Your financial  and non-financial support us Contribute in spreading the culture of invention among dear students to support the wheel of invention.

What is the book "I invent"?

"I invent" the instruction manual training systematically integrated on the skills of the invention needed by every human being aspires invention.A book  includes the steps of building a personal inventor then find the idea and even sell the product inventor. "I invent" evidence away from the tautology and the information is unuseful, but came in a simple and fun and photographer; able to understand from child at age 11, as well as, the old man 23 years old can take advantage of it.

The main chapters of the book:

1-Integrated knowledge and Information about the science of the invention.

2-drills and exercises integrated methodology for training in the skills required for the invention.

3-sources, models,tools and programs each inventor needs it.

4-a number of models of inventions and inventors stories needed to stimulate each inventor.

What is the effect "I invent" in the community?

Contributes to the development of the basic building block for the dissemination of the culture of invention in society; directed to the largest number of inventors who will support the economy through any school or youth center through they made the guide as a method of invention skills education and  training.remember as long as you can learn to write your name you can learn and acquire the skills of the invention science.

What will cover the $ 7500?

-Cost of Design and art production for the book.

-Cost of Scientific Consulting from some foreign experts and inventors can get the best scientific material.

- Legal fees for copyright and ISBN.

-Production And print the first edition of the book and its publication; so that all interested in obtaining it.

A quick note about Me:

Physics teacher graduates from the University of Jordan, and educational robotics trainer.Certified trainer from California Academy of training,certified trainer of International College in London. author of the booklet "Bright statements for the students".

How can you help?

We appreciate any financial assistance whatever amount; They guide your attention to spread a culture of invention as systematically and fun. If you like the project do not forget us to share it with friends via social networks and contact lists for your own.

Other help means:

If you can not make financial contributions able to help us in many other ways, including:
  - Post campaign on social networking sites.
  - Be an ambassador for the project, send the video to your friends and tell people about the campaign.

Thank you ...

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Alaa Said physics teacher and educational robotics trainer, and a certified trainer of the California college of human sciences,and certified trainer of International College in London .author of booklet (Did you know ...? - More than 300 a quick piece…

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