Book I Have a Dream: The Arab Countries and the Dream of Achieving Democracy

The road to justice, democracy and peace and coexistence
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Project Description

The book is a study and a documentation of the status of the Arab Spring, that tries to read the unique situation in the Arab world through a review of events in recent history have had an impact towards uprisings wave and revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring.

Three chapters in the book document the experiences of three known Arab areas: Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. In these chapters I analyze the situation which led to the formation of their strong desire for change, by social logic, economy and human rights, and stadiums are all of the awareness of the need for peaceful change and social movements that came as a substitute for party institutions, and try to explain and understand the deep structure to the Arab uprisings , and stages of development of the community and the role of technology to contribute to decision- awareness of change during different stages of the recent history.

The book stops at 2011 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in the Arab world. 

Also, it stops after the fall of the systems respectively from the centre of the Moroccan case after the adoption of the new constitution and the rise of Party of justice along with development in the elections and conduct of public affairs. Accompanied is the emergence of this question for lifting the abortion conducted by the February 20 Movement and temporary changes after 2011.


The objectives of the project:

Many people regard the fall of the regimes in the Arab world as the end of an era of despotism and the start of an era of democracy and decent living. But as mentioned in the history of mankind, and was not only revolutionize the watchtowers and counter mesmerized and obstacles , failures and landslides are not even people from all forms of struggle, and hit the boredom and frustration defenders of freedom and change. But the wise and eager fighters tried reading these failures and determine the cause of failure and turned it into a light received their trial and therefore the laws developed and plans to protect the gains of the people.

Try my book "I Have a Dream", which is an analysis of the Arab reality socially, politically and intellectually. Despite the strengths and weaknesses, the analytical reading of the reasons of the revolution and the failure of tanks, teach us lessons that could benefit the world from the protection of gains and avoid mistakes in the future.

What do we need? 

We are definite that we can reach $2,300, which is a partial amount of the total cost of the project. Once funded, the amount of money will be divided as follows:
1 – Create an innovative, one of a kind hardcover for the book. This task shall be assigned to the artist. Cost $100.
2 - Print the first 1000 copies of the book (first edition). Cost $4,000.
3 - Marketing campaign (newspaper, ads and websites). 

Cost $300. 

4 - The signing event of the book; attended by intellectuals, students and staff of the departments involved in the cultural field. Cost $400. 
5 - Incentives and rewards to shareholders and freight .Costs $300. 

How can you help me to complete the project?

You can contribute an amount through the site zoomaal

How can you help me completing the project?

You can contribute with pledging in an amount of money through Zoomaal.

Other ways to help:

This project needs you in order to be brought to life. If you can’t contribute financially, you can verbally through social media platforms. You can share the project on Facebook or Twitter through the application shown on the page. You can copy the link and paste it on the project page and or any other page or group on Facebook. You can as well send the link to your friends and family through emails. 

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