.All humans have a story behind their bein .Let's not judge, let's just talk
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I Ehab student at the University of Petra, Petra University, the first university in Jordan, where students creative and fabulous success stories, I would like to join the world's stories and creations of Jordanian university students, especially the University of Petra.

People Petra University

Everyone of us is a world in itself, to be what we are talking to some, the night we are talking with some, the goal of the people of Petra University, is filming the students and every one of them tells about himself and about specialization to studying it, and aim to connect all students with some, and it is posted images on a Facebook page.

Why do we need?

We need $ 3,000, to buy a professional camera equipment, and marketing of the page, and we need an opportunity for creativity.

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Ehab I am a college student, studying software engineering, and I have a hobby of photography, I have a passion in this area, I believe that the picture will remain said.

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