Syrian Refugees... organs for sale documentary .لاجىء سوري للبيع

Syrian refugees in Lebanon now they are facing extreme poverty .they start to sell their organs
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

please google Dareen J Hasan to know who I'm

Bread and Iron Documentary:  tells the story of Syrian laborers in Lebanon.depicting their daily lives in an environment that frowns upon them with suspicion and hostility. Unable to return to their homes due to the raging war, many find themselves stuck on Lebanese construction sites. Building Beirut's skyline under the whim of exploitative employers...this was the first part there is new part of the film has to be film as well and shown to the world.Dareen need  funding to tell the other part of the story .it is.the update for the Syrian workers situations when they start to sell their Organs in the Lebanese black market risking their life by illegal surgery in order to have couple of dollars to support their families.In the shadow of the Syrian civil war, a growing number of refugees are surviving in Lebanon by illegally selling their own organs. But the exchange comes at a huge cost. Lebanon has a tradition of illegal organ trading. The country has immensely rich people and a huge number of people living in poverty. And organ traffickers don't need to worry about government controls. Those are exactly the ideal conditions for organ trafficking,.

Dareen: it  breaks my heart i need to go  back to lebanon ..I hope  you support me.

 Dareen J  Hasan:  a Syrian independent filmmaker who self taught herself the art of film from the internet. Bread and Iron was her first film she filmed, edited and directed herself while she was in Lebanon where  she also had to leave because of the war.she start to teach arabic in Lebanon and dance as a belly dancer to support her film that she have have witness herself as she lived in the same area with the workers..

Dareen: I am the real witness of the Syrian workers issues in Lebanon. I saw the anger, pain, fear and hopelessness in their eyes everyday because I live in Ashrafia near by the construction site where the Syrian labors work. Whenever I see them I could feel the pain and/or sorrow they have been going through.
One day I thought I should raise their issues in front of the world then first deiced to meet and earn their trust so that they can allow me to film. It was not easy at all because am a woman . so they did not trust me in the beginning. It took several weeks.

Dareen :Every year, tens of thousands of rich Arabs from around the region come to Beirut for treatment in the country's excellent hospitals. The authorities don't pay attention whether a patient flies home with a new nose -- or with a new kidney.Previously, it was mostly destitute Palestinians who sold their organs. Then came the war in Syria, and then the refugees. Now the groups are in competition and the prices are falling..

support me as a women who has courage enough to be with 100 man without caring about the social pressure . hope you will support this new part of the film to make it international case ..

Dareen : I offer now my full film 40 minutes for 5 euros online .will send you the special link with the password...please watch the quality of my work and you will judge yourself whether i deserve it or not . and support the other new part if you believe it is important to be told to the whole world you will see something about Syrian you have never seen or know before ..

What We Need & What You Get

We will do everything we can to make it the cheapest, but some items cannot be gotten entirely for free:

* Equipment rental: Lighting kits, Grip kits, Good cameras & Lenses, sound kits, dolly, glide cam, go pros, and crane.

* Production Design & Art Direction: To dress the sets properly

* Catering: To feed our cast and crew.renting house in Lebanon which will be expensive

* Transportation: For Cast & for the film.DVDs.printing for the workers themselves...*Pay for Cast

* Film Festivals: Getting the film out there, to be screened at the maximum number of film festivals. Good film festivals have a submission fee, and, when selected, films have to be converted in other formats that are expensive to make.

If I don't end up reaching my goal I want the funds to go to props and equipment , specifically the camera and the lenses.

What will be done with the film

  1. A movie trailer will be made and blasted on every social media outlet available Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, email blast, IMDb, company websites, every film blog we can find.
  2. Dvd copies will be sent to everyone who to advantage of the perks
  3. Then film will be submitted to countless film festivals across The Untied States While still promoting the trailer.
  4. After the film has been accepted , screened, and reviewed it will be streamed online Via Vimeo and YouTube.

Other Ways You Can Help :)invite me to talk about the film anywhere online or in public ..for university for student i will be happy to tell the student about this issues in details,write articles about my film and art about it..if you go to lebanon watch the workers yourself and see how they suffer give them peace of bread.and smile and maybe talk to them they are lonely the NGOs organizations to highlight this issue..

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Dareen J Hasan: a Syrian independent filmmaker who self taught herself the art of film from the internet. Bread and Iron was her first film she filmed, edited and directed herself while she was in Lebanon where she also had…

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watch the world wining documentary " bread and Iron" online by only 5.99 will be able to see the shocking story of the Syrian workers and understand the whole situation from this first part..i will send you private link with the password.i trust that you will not share it with anyone ..
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