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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

initiative of build the future. This initiative is in form of a television program. The summary of the initiative is that anyone has any idea of a project can finance it through the initiative of build the future that we execute. Well, this person is financed by us based on what? It is a competition and questions asked to him and at the end when it wins, it takes a project forever for itself, but it will be exempted from the expenses that we pay to the employees and facilities as well as the taxes for a period of year till it develops

The conditions for the person to make this:

1.  Does not have a real estate or a private project

2.  Does not work in the government

3.  Have a project idea

4.  Have the culture that it can pass the test by

How we get financing to this initiative

First, after the preliminary financing that we will take from this platform to be able to start, there shall be an entity to get financing from the sponsor and advertiser.

As for this sponsor, we have made an offer called by your advertisement build the future, i.e. the advertiser makes advertisements every year in the television, radio, magazines, internet, road advertisements, etc. in fact when the period of your advertisement ends it is removed naturally from any of these platforms.

We say to you as an advertiser, come and build by your advertisement the future of youth and make a permanent advertisement that will not be removed such as the project that you will finance that you will naturally write in it your words, colors, aims, your name as a company and honorary stone plate. It is a permanent announcement to you as an advertiser.

We started this already, and in order to get Coca Cola to us, we had to make something special to it; a Promo Graphic offered to them to be convinced with the idea and to offer the idea in easier 

You can know "build future" and when we started and to what extent we reached through ………….. also in some newspapers that wrote on the idea, you can follow them and they will be before you now as well as radios speaking about the idea

We need some funds that make us start to execute the idea correctly in the right places

We need a headquarter to the company that entails salaries, employees and rents.

We need to make 2 experimental television episode to show the idea professionally

Your support will help us to support our ideas to help each other and make these projects real to benefit the international community.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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Yousef Ramzy voice over , announcer , creative ads . i have a small media production agency

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$5 or more

499 Available

Each shareholder with us a newspaper article in state newspapers
$10 or more

599 Available

Each shareholder with us will have a shield in honor of his contribution to the construction of the international community
$50 or more

100 Available

Each shareholder will host a meeting in Bdavlath video broadcast by us in every meeting we go to, or a television every article we write about our initiative
$100 or more

98 Available

Special thanks to introduction and the end of the program for .Each shareholder
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