Hometerior is an idea of a newly established business that aims designing several projects from scratch.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Hometerior is an idea of a newly established business that aims designing several projects from scratch.

Since August 2015, we’ve been study casing the idea of hometerior and building up a database of possible clients.

What makes us special is that we aim putting all interior and graphic designers together in one place to visualize the world of interior design using the modern means of technology and our tact to please our clients as much as possible putting on mind that sustainability is a guaranteed aspect as well.

Products to be sold are specified by the customer and can start with a chair for the living room and maybe end up with a full design for a house.

One of the several activities done by hometerior is the special packaging system we offer, If you happen to buy one of our masterpieces you`ll be offered to get a free remodeling to any piece you bring on as long as it matches our criteria.

The special timing system, where if you got yourself a deal with a specific deadline, the price can be lowered by 10% for every day of delay if it happened in the first place.

We might consider sponsorship with construction companies and design faculties, which will put the concentration on our social responsibility.

We're two young men who graduated from university, we want to work in the field of construction and design, starting from scratch and ending up with the final stages where we handle the customer his/her project , putting in mind the best quality to be given, the least cost, and the shortest time above all.

This idea mainly aims putting the innovative way of thinking the Jordanian youth have under the spotlight, and developing it on the actual term, There aren't many leading companies that support new ways of thinking along innovation using technology and modern terms.

The project is mainly located in The Capital Amman (Jordan), aiming areas populated with good and average income individuals, its surrounded by a series if local and international commercial and volunteering corporations.

At the very beginning of the establishment of the company, we were lucky to attend a workshop called (Let go to your innovation with Zoomal), and that was a turning point in our project where we started rethinking about all the possible ways of developing Hometerior to reach a stage where we have a project that provides profit, and creating vacancies for youth with talents and innovative ideas specially the ones who were not been given a chance The technical study included the following for this study :

A - construction costs : amounted to the total cost of the project intended to stay for the building as follows :

- The cost of the annual rent of the company: $ 4,300

- The cost of floor improvements : $ 8,600

The total cost of office : $ 12,900

Tabbed processing :

- Stationery : $ 2,000

- Publicity and advertising : $ 4,000

-ajhzh Computer : $ 5,000

- Registration fee: $ 360

Total tabbed processing : $ 11,360

Is expected to be the implementation of the project in 4 months ,

D - the total cost of the project:

- The cost of construction and construction : $ 12,900

Total tabbed processing : $ 11,360

The total cost of the project: $ 24,260

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Amman, Jordan
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hello , we are a team , Raad Samain and Saif shebli we are studding Graphic Design and interior Design our age is 25 and 21

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