HLA - Multilingual Instant Messenger App

HLA is a Multilingual Instant Messenger mobile application that helps people communicate, each in his own native language.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Imagine that you can speak all the languages known to our human race. It would be awesome, right?! But it will need a lot of time and effort and some kind of super mental power. Now let's imagine the easier version of this dream where all people can speak your own native language; at that very moment language will no longer be a barrier when it comes to communicating with people from all over the globe. 

That's what "HLA" does for you. It's a simple instant messaging mobile application with a very sophisticated, extremely accurate instant translating machine. You simply type in your own native language and your message instantly reaches the other side fully translated into the other party's language, with a very high level of accuracy.

The App also comes with a number of features the enable the user to send fully translated documents, voice memos or even use these features offline to be your personal pocket translator.

For more information, please download our demo app.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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كيفية الوصول لبناء لغوي سليم يتيح ترجمة وصياغة وتصحيح آلي بدايةً يجب أن نوضح أن كل مشكلات الترجمة والتصحيح والصياغة الآلية تكمن في صعوبة البناء والصياغة والدلالة والصرف في اللغة العربية إذ أن اللغة العربية لغة صرفية تتغير الدلالة فيها…

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