Help to make those Mothers who do not have the ability to renew their homes smile by gifting them a new kitchen area.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who we are?

Interior designers and cabinetmakers believing that helping people in need is not only a responsibility of life but it is what gives life to our business, we took a personal initiative and launched our kitchen renovation program


Many mothers lost their homes, beloved people, happiness and their faith in humanity.


Our mission is to find those who are in need to renovate their lives and customize new interior lifestyle for them.

We Need?

To buy Materials, woodworking tools and finance the cost of renovated kitchens.

We solely rely on donors, and are now counting on you! 

We rely on the generosity of donors to help us care for all the disabled, poor and old moms to have new kitchens and maybe new furniture in the near future.

Unable to donate? You can still help!

Even if you can’t spare any cash for a donation, you can still make a big difference to our campaign by spreading the word!

Tell all your friends and contacts! You can do this by using the Zoomaal sharing tools available on this site.

Thank you for your support!

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  22 Nov,2018

We prepared the design for the chosen kitchen to be renovated

  24 Nov,2018

لكل من شاركنا حملتنا وتقدم لنا بالدعم لكم منا كل التحية.

فريق نجدد مطبخ نجدد حياة.

  11 Jan,2019

نشكر كل من دعم حملتنا ونتمنى منكم دعمنا أكثر لنحقق هدفنا

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As Suwayda' ( Al-Suwayda ), Syria
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We are a cabinetmaker and interior designers have small cabinetry business located in As Suwayda', Syria with passion to provide unique services and products. Aim to help people having fancy kitchen and better lifestyle specially mothers who lost a lot…

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