Helping poor women of Pakistan earn money with the help of fashion and textiles .
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Short Summary 

My name is Bambi Siddiqui.I have studied fashion and textiles from London. During my five  year stay in London, I was fortunate to work with famous designers such as Jasper Conran and Phillipa Lepley.I absolutely love working in fashion industry and would like to share some of my recent work pictures with you.

My aim is to form a successful NGO known as Happy Helping .As the name suggests, our main mission is to help and employ deprived women of Pakistan by providing them a good career opportunity of handwork embroidery and thereby, promote the strong and colourful textile decoration culture of Pakistan in U.A.E and abroad

The great craftsmanship of Pakistan is often exploited by the middlemen or designer shops and the people are forced to work for long hours for very little money. My motive is to prevent our women labour from exploitation and provide them with good income so they do not struggle for a basic lifestyle.

Moreover, our goal is to also promote the lavish and outstanding art and culture of pure handwork from Pakistan and show their talent by conducting exhibitions in UAE and around the world. We want to market the handwork on the contemporary fashion so that people could be left in awe and be marvelled of how the destitute women living in difficult surroundings and circumstances could create marvellous handwork.

What We Need & What You Get 

My target is to raise at least $7000 with the help of Zoomaal.

100% of this money will be utilized for this project.

With the help of this money we would be able to:

  • Appoint talented  staff
  • Purchase materials in bulk
  • Purchase bulk haberdashery
  • Purchase sowing and machine embroidery machines for women workers\
  • Purchase hand embroidery equipment
  • Educate women with good tailoring skills
  • Teach them block printing and dyeing techniques
  • Teach women workers with hand and machine embroidery skills
  • Make an online shopping website 
  • Buy labels and bags
  • Market our products in Facebook and other social media , 
  • Advertising
  • Fashion Photography
  • Appoint and pay models to showcase our collection
  • Paying women workers
  • Renting a place for work
  • Registration of place
  • Registration of Brand

The money we collect would be used in the above in order to run our project .

Firstly we would hire talented staff  to supervise our project and try to gather as many willing female workers.We would employ female workers, supply them with all the materials and  equipment, train them  in tailoring hand embroidery, machine embroidery and block printing.

The more female workers we have the higher the production level. One labour can produce a finished handmade product within maximum of two working days. Therefore, within 22 working days (excluding the holidays) a worker could easily produce approximately 10 finished handmade outfits . However, if there are 2 labours than the amount produced would be 20 outfits and so on.

Our initial step would be to hire 15 women workers and increase our labours accordingly who would be learning and developing themselves in the field of art and would be producing excellent hand embroidered outfits and materials followed after first two months.

More numbers of female workers would higher our production level which would benefit our business as the cost per each outfit would be less.The lesser the cost production, the more margin, we can put on each outfit which would benefit our women workers.

After our handwork production we would strongly conduct an effective marketing plan .

Our Marketing plan would include:

  • Online advertisement on Facebook (Paid advertisement for at least 2 month ) to get maximum likes which would  make our project gain maximum exposure popular and more people will know about our work
  • Digital media advertisement - where we would vigorously advertise on social media channels such as blogs, emails,  Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  • Media Advertisement in leading Pakistani channels to showcase our work .
  • Professional fashion photography - this would capture the details of the stunning handwork of our women workers in a very creative manner and would make people aware of the beautiful embroidery of our women workers.Most importantly, with the help of fashion photography our audience could visualize and get an idea of intricate details and style.
  • Online website -which includes the latest details and videos of our work .Our website would also include work of our female workers ready to be purchased online.
  • Publishing plan that combines public relations and marketing to gain exposure in magazines and newspapers.

The rewards we offer to our contributors are included in the amount we ask.

The Impact

We strongly aim to publicize the main HIGHLIGHT of this project that, it is created by those who are deprived women residing in Pakistan,  whose art, style and especially hand embroidery is phenomenal.

This is not just a project, it is a HOPE to make a difference in an individual’s life. It is a light in which women can benefit to prosper in their dark future as we strongly believe that the female participation in the labour field is important for the economic growth of the country.

Providing jobs to vulnerable women and proving them with 'Fair Pay' would change their lifestyle as they would be independent, self employed and would have self confidence.

Most importantly, the outcome would significantly reduce the women’s vulnerability of becoming victims of handwork exploitation and by helping them prosper in the fashion field the women would be able to earn an honourable living as Happy Helping would expose their exceptional craftsman’s ship within UAE and abroad.

Other Ways You Can Help 

It is highly important that people support us in this project and especially the members of Zoomaal

Please share our video in Zoomaal through facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.

We would be grateful if people spread our concept with their friends or families so more people can be aware of our project.

You never know, one Like or SHARE can provide us with donations which could make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged women of Pakistan.

Please HELP us and support ZOOMAAL

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My name is Basmah Siddiqui, I have studied fashion and textiles from London (UK) .I have had work experience from well known designers such as Jasper Conran and Phillipa Lepley (she was shortlisted to design the wedding gown for Kate…

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$10 or more

We will send Thank you letters with pictures of our project progress to the people who have funded our project.
$30 or more

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We will reward people who funded our project with handmade headbands specially created by our women workers
$50 or more

We will reward people with beautiful handmade purses specially handcrafted by our women workers
$100 or more

We would reward our contributors with handmade fabric chokers created by our awesome women workers
$300 or more

1 Available

We will reward our sponsors with a beautiful hand embroided long / short top specially created and designed by our women workers
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