Hand Souq: Aims to Make Women in Gaza Productive

Hand souq teach marginalized women in the Gaza Strip on handmade from then to market and sell their products via a website will be created
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Manual labor or embroideries part of the community Filstunai in general and Gazan society in particular, and almost in every Palestinian home from here came the idea of exploiting the craft in providing a source of income for women neglected in the Gaza Strip in order to cope with the difficulties of life, thus providing jobs and a decent life for those marginalized

The project aims in first step to train 20 women the handmade business, sell the products via an online store that we will create it. 


From neglected women to productive woman

?Why we need you now

Hand embroidery is one of the wonderful things that not available in all parts of the world  a large number of marginalized women in gaza , capable of embroidery industry
We need you now to start in the birth of new hope even grow the seeds of hand souq
To be a link between the marginalized women  and the world

Our project deserves all contributions as it provides opportunities of new marketing of hands crafts and embroideries. This will improve the income of the marginalized women who are interested of such work in addition to start a new leader business company that offers work chances and enhances economics.

Nowadays the whole world becomes as a small village, which makes such projects and companies very beneficial in socialization; and culture and knowledge exchange.

Challenges and obstacles are presented in two main parts

First, shipping from the Gaza Strip to other places all over the world.

Second, funding to start the project

For Shipping we will arrange through Aramex to send to Egypt, then delivers to any needed place.

 Moreover, for funding, you own the decision of How and When to start

Funding will be divided into three stages

The first phase $ 5,000
We are building a Web site to display products. In addition marketing plan for two months
The second phase of $10,000
Building Website
Teach 10 women marginalized only handmade industry.
Marketing plan for three months
The third phase $ 15,000
Building Website
Education 20 of marginalized women handmade industry
Marketing plan for six months
The project is completed

Material support is not everything you have much to offer
Participated campaign with your friends

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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