Your contribution will bring the album 'Nasi' to life, and send it on its travels across screens, borders, and stages, to settle in hearts.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Dear friends, family, and music supporters:

I'm a singer-songwriter from Jordan. I've spent the past few years performing my own music, as well as launching music projects behind the scenes in the Arab indie music scene. Last year, I headed back into the studio to record.

I'm currently working on an album, 'Nasi', that reflects a new sound for me, one that is a change from my past acoustic material. I need your help raising funds to complete the album, and send the music on its travels across screens, borders, and stages, to ultimately settle in hearts and connect with minds, in a way that only music can.

How you can help: 
Whatever you can contribute - big or small - it all makes a difference. And if you can't contribute financially, you can contribute by sharing the video above, or by sharing this page, it may reach others who can.

What I love about Zoomaal is that provides a community solution for musicians from our region. We work within an infrastructure that doesn't enable musicians to be fully self-sustaining. So here I am, I've saved up what I can and now I am asking you to be an active collaborators on Nasi.

How does it work?
Just click 'Fund This Project' and follow the instructions to contribute online. If you want to support us but you prefer offline payment in JD, please get in touch with +962 7 7500 8008. 

What does the money cover?
So, the target number is $35,000. The cost breakdown divides roughly into:

What do we do if we get the funding? 
Here are the milestones below - we only get the funds for each section if we reach the milestone, so the first one is all or nothing! 

We launch an EP
We launch a full-length album
We add a music video
We upgrade our release show
If we reach this milestone, we can produce and release an EP (4-5 songs), and leave the rest of the songs for future recording.
If we reach this milestone, we will be able to include all new songs into one album that captures my sound as it stands today. 
The title track will have a music video! We already have a very talented director on board. All that's left are the funds and a two-day shoot.
Our release show will include more musicians on stage (think strings and brass!), and live video footage of the songs to promote and use for future bookings.

Small tokens that express big gratitude. The rewards listed are a way for me to thank you for collaborating on this album with me, from limited edition items to a private performance set. 

Thank you for being a part of Nasi!

Much love,

Mary Nazzal
17 Aug,2017

Bisher Abu Taleb
16 Aug,2017

Abdul Qader Miqdadi
16 Aug,2017

Badwa Buttikhi
15 Aug,2017

Khaled Jabri
14 Aug,2017

Rana tarawneh
14 Aug,2017

14 Aug,2017

Suzi Khoury
14 Aug,2017

14 Aug,2017

Saad Darwazeh
14 Aug,2017

Ed and Kelly
13 Aug,2017

Lara Shukri
13 Aug,2017

13 Aug,2017

Tala Shukri-Haba
13 Aug,2017

Abdullah Abudiak
13 Aug,2017

Kevin O'Brien
13 Aug,2017

Maen Al-Mousa
11 Aug,2017

Samia Al-Haj
11 Aug,2017

10 Aug,2017

10 Aug,2017

10 Aug,2017

Qais malhas
10 Aug,2017

Ramzi Salti
10 Aug,2017

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In 2016, I decided to dedicate myself full time to projects in music industry - both on stage, behind the scenes, and in offices - and and I haven't looked back since. I'm a performing singer-songwriter from Jordan, and I'm…

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A thank you post on our event page :)
$10 or more
→    10 FOR 10

3500 Available

10 days prior to album launch, you get 2 singles pre-released to you.
$15 or more

3497 Available

Full album released to you 10 prior to album launch date.
$25 or more

396 Available

A physical CD and a sticker, carefully packaged and delivered to you (shipped anywhere you are in the world).
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Limited edition t-shirt along with the album digital download (shipped anywhere you are in the world).
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97 Available

Limited edition poster, along with the album digital download and a personalized thank you from Hana, (shipped anywhere you are in the world).
$250 or more

49 Available

Limited edition poster, limited edition t-shirt, CD, 2 tickets to a live show, and a personalized thank you from Hana, (shipped anywhere you are in the world).
$500 or more

19 Available

Credit mention on the CD album package, plus everything in the goodie basket above.
$750 or more

10 Available

You are credited on our first music video as co-producer, plus everything in the goodie package above.
$1000 or more

4 Available

Hang out with Hana, Khaled, and Darem at the studio during a recording session, and then let us take you out for coffee at your favorite cafe (if in Amman, otherwise, it's a skype hangout!), plus everything in the producer package above.
$5000 or more

4 Available

Private performance set for you and your friends, at your place of business, or at an event of your choosing, plus everything in the producer package.
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