Hakoritna : Artistic and cultural meeting place

a local Artistic and cultural meeting place Our goal is to provide suitable atmosphere for th
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This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I'm Mohammed Ali Al-Aydi from Gaza am 24 years old, was born in Amman,Jordan...

Instructor for Break dance and I own a Crew Called "Ammanyoon"

also am a Guitarist\music composer and I own a Rock Band Called "The Edge"


It is a place of cultural artistic talent and artists residing in Jordan...

Our goal  is to provide suitable atmosphere for these talents,

And it would be also the perfect place  for those  who'd like to start their artistic career

to help them to be Creative...

The reason behind why we thought of this project is not a fantasy or a film on the TV

the reason is we don't have such places to support talented people, even our parents  Believe that this place is not the right place to be an artist.... and this is one of the reasons who let a lot of us to gave up and to be just a normal person with no dreams,

They really don't know that we can change a lot of Bad habits in our community by unloading of the positive energies of young people and discovering  themselves 

Me and some of those great artist didn't give up because we believe that our dreams will come true and "Hakoritna" Is the beginning to prove our existence and our capabilities and highlight the Arts before it completely disappears

Zoomaal website is the right choice to start our project and We appreciate your support to realize our dream that we'll never give up on....


consists of one floor  200 m^2

The floor has 4  Main rooms.

- Music Room : 

An area of : 8m x 5m  = 40 m^2

Divided by two parts, the first section 6m x 5m = 30 m^2, called Jamming (Live) room where the musical instruments such as drums and guitars and piano to practice for live concert, gigs etc... and give music lessons, The second section 2m x 5m = 10 m^2, called Control room to recording, engineering and producing audio tracks...

- Dance studio : 

An area of : 8m x 5m = 40 m^2 

Fully equipped dedicated to dance and mirrors for training appropriate sound system 

which is specifically for giving dancing lessons

- Relaxing room : 

An area of : 5m x 5m = 25 m^2

this Room unique is characterized by the old room decorated like an old  castle Room  with grass floor and a background of a three-dimensional landscape where there are 4 chairs massage and music help a person creativity with thier work, whether its translation or report marketing and other business

Multi-purpose room

An area of 7m x 5m = 35 m^2 

Uses of the room: meetings and workshops such as photography and design and other small parties such as birthdays 

And there would be a special corner for books and novels to encourage reading...

- Reception room : 

An area of 6m x 5m = 30 m^2

- Kitchen : 

An area of 4m x 4m = 16 m^2

to provide light snacks and cold and hot drinks for our customers 

- 2 Bathrooms 

Area of 2m x 4m = 8 m^2

Roof : 

An Area of 180 m^2 

is a Cafe characterized by atmosphere close to nature decors, there will be the water fountains,and there will be Sessions for friends, family and fans of arts

a Garden of 40 m^2 


The amount required is: $ 280,000 Dollar's 

And it is divided into objectives: 

$ 30,000 music and dance room is equipped with full of musical instruments and recording equipment and decorations

$ 13,000 for the marketing of our enterprise to complete the journey and the most important part a guide to success

$ 50,000 for the processing of versatile \ room and reception \ Recreation \ kitchen room \ health facilities

From Holiday conditioners, lightings, books, furniture and other ...

$ 40,000 to equip the roof of the water fountains and decorations and illuminations, furniture and other equipment

$ 7,000 for the processing of the garden of roses and sessions to receive customers

$ 140,000 to buy the place to investment: the price of the place is the average price of prices


Our goal is to make this project real. To achieve our dreams and, our dreams are not measured by money,

We'll document all the money which will be spent on the project, also we will upload the photos and videos to share with you first go on the achievements "your confidence in us is the secret of our strength."

If the project is not fully funded All the money that we received will be spent on specific goals  and will not be a personal investment

If the project was funded

It will be the starting point of this place. The world will take a great idea for our young talented people in the community

I am one of these talents in my words, stems from an internal I can sense it, but I can not arrange my words

With your support we'll get and realize our dream, many of us who is waiting for this place 

Dancing is my heart and my soul music is...

People who can not fund us its not that problem you can support us by sharing our project and let your friends know more about it , it means a lot for us......

one of "Hakoritna" Walls where there are small boxes with lock's 

Dedicated to friends

Can any group of friends write anything and put it as a memory of one of the boxes

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08 Jan,2016

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Amman, Jordan
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I'm Mohammad Al-aydi 24 years old .. Instructor for break dance and guitarist\music composer I got an appreciation certificates some of it local and other are global certificates

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CD consisting of 6 songs and pieces of music Composed by Mohammad Al-Aydi from The Edge
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a free 1 month in one of our "Hakoritna" program such as : Dance \ music \design etc...
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