Haki Sghar Program: Let Them Tell you Their Needs

I am Tyam, A year ago I launched Haki Sghar program on FB,that spread content to educate parents about the right ways to deal with children
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

My name is Taym, a year ago I launched my program on YouTube and Facebook under the name of Haki Sagar, a community-oriented program by spreading rich content to educate parents about the right ways to deal with children.

Unfortunately there is a lack of content directed to parents about dealing with children by the children themselves, so from here began the idea of Haki Sghar, the children to be the speaker with his feelings and innocent words to convey his message to parents.

Haki Sghar: it is a series of episodes, each episode lasting between 3 and 4 minutes, which presents a specific topic and advises the parents through it. The message is directed by the children themselves and what they feel toward the episode subject itself to show their feelings and needs that they ask their families

The effect of Haki Sghar on the society

There are more than 20 million Arab families, most of whom need guidance and directions to help them to deal with their children in proper education ways and methods.

From here, haki sghar will help to spread these methods and awareness in a unique, non-traditional manner, based on the children themselves presenting these methods and guidance.  

What do we need?

More than 6 episodes of the program have been filmed for a whole year. What we are asking for is a financing campaign to produce high-quality content. Production includes several aspects: the content of the material provided, the studio tools, post-filming tools for publication.

So we need about $ 4000, as to buy more books that help to understand the lives of children, ways to deal with them, ways to raise them in a modern way away from nervousness,

Also part of the amount will be allocated for the purchase of a kit for the  a small studio included, the camera and stand and light flashes and back stands, in addition to the purchase of a licensed version of the editing Adobe Premiere.

Other ways you can help us 

We appreciate your help, even if it is a small $ 5, as this amount will contribute to spreading awareness and correct methods of dealing with children from their simple point of view and innocent children,

if you cannot support us with money, you can contribute to spreading the campaign around you and your family and friends to help us.


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A year ago, we launched a haki sghar program for the family in general and parents and mothers in particular. The idea is prepared in cooperation with young children. Our future projects are the launch of our website, which is…

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