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Five concerts entertainment for children in Gaza to bring out the children from violence
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Short Summary 

Joy of life

(Go to happy) children of gaza Is a project that aims to entertainment for children in the Gaza Strip, where the project will target about 2,500 children at the sector level, where five concerts will be held at the level of the Gaza Strip aimed at each concert 500 children and a baby and distributed gifts to all the kids at the party, where the group will be in concert performances wonderful children and a group of acrobats and clowns Offers.

What We Need & What You Get

The project needs to be $ 12,000.

Where each will cost $ 2800 ceremony(Gifts and reserving a spot and Transport and symbolic reward for workers and the logistics needed for the ceremony ......) We will work hard to ensure the success of the project.

If the project did not succeed, and this percentage will be small gifts were distributed to children during the campaign we do from house to house, we reach out to the house of 2,500 children.

The Impact

The importance of the project stems from the need of children in Gaza to such activities because they, were still suffering from the impact of war on them. This project will work to mitigate them and alleviate the trauma they received in the war.

This is the illustrates the volume of work in this area, such as prior to that schedule:

Coach animators - training 18 tonic (prepare animators in the educational psychological and social field - the Union of Health Work Committees) 30 hours of training.

Coach animators - training 20 tonic for psychological support project funded art of Cree Art Foundation and implementation of the Spanish Federation of Health Work Committees 70 hours of training.

Labour social worker - currently - Cree Art Foundation funding and implementation of the Spanish Union of Health Work Committees within the framework of the activities of the project to contribute to the sustainability and improve mental and social welfare programs and protect the right to mental health and human rights in the Gaza Strip

Tonic work for a year in Cree Foundation inherit Spanish events within the project to contribute to the sustainability and improve mental and social welfare programs and protect the right to mental health and human rights in the Gaza Strip.

Work volunteer social worker at the Union of Agricultural Work Committees institution within the activities to support the Palestinian farms project.

Work Coordinator initiative would love our country with funding from the Sharek.

Work tonic children and social worker for a year in the land of human events within the Italian Foundation psychological and nutritional support for children and their siblings Riyadh project in the Gaza Strip.

Work tonic children for two months in the Medical Relief Society events within the project to improve the nutritional status of children under five years of age

Coordinator Camp Fallujah in 2009 to work in Falluja charity events within the Ministry of Youth and Sports camps

Work tonic children in Falluja charity sponsored by the French Solidarity Foundation

Volunteer work for a period of 6 months in parliament Friends of Palestinian Medical Relief

Social worker staff of Women's Affairs to work after the war on Gaza in January 2009

Work tonic children for two months Society Forum Youth Without Borders events within the Children of the Alley initiative sponsored by the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Volunteer work with the Association of Cultural Forum for 5 months

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help. Share our video and campaign with others.

Publish the campaign flyer, download it be below link,


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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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Am Mahmoud Abu Shatat , , I work in the field of psychological support and entertainment for the kids, I had the opportunity to volunteer work in many Establishments to support children psychologically and entertainment for them, excelled in this…

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