“Give a Chance” to people to share their passion & dare to express and show up the artist
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Short Summary

we are team work, Moroccan artists and social activists, we studied different scientific subjects for years but we never forget about our art passion.  we travelled around the world and we discover how is the Art is a universal passion and is our common language. As soon as we returned back to Morocco we met hundreds artist women who are living in shadow and none knows about their creativity, just because they are poor, or just because they don’t know how to share their artistic products (sewing, painting, handcraft, design). So then, we created this project to start up new opportunity for this category, we call it “Second chance” and we mean it. Second chance to live a decent life; invest the artistic passion to make a difference for generations. As team work we believe in our self and we believe in these artistic women, but we believe in you more and we are sure that you all share with us this passion. Together we will give this second chance, together will open new pink door toward new life, just by showing up the artist inside these ordinary women.

What We Need & What You Get
To achieve such goal we need 15500 US Dollar, renting medium sewing workshop. pay monthly for 20 women, what’s mean 20 family will have monthly salary. Get the needed machines, the needed fabrics, multi technical materials, accessories, and the normal other bills. To guarantee a great start up for such project, we set funding for the first six months. Just after that, the project will refund and cover itself, and the artist women will be able to establish their life and help other women to integrate in such opportunity. and 20 women will be 40 and 60 and so on.

we won't describe where the funds go if we don't reach our entire goal. Simply, because we beleive in this project and beleive in all of you, so we will together reach our entire goal.

The Impact
Our campaign is about give a second chance to a category live in Morocco under bad conditions and hard consimansctance. Just because they are poor and not educated (most of them are divorced, singel mothers, widow) none give them chance to show up their creative skills. They are all artists and have a great passion, just need someone to support them and open such pink door toward life for them, for their kids, and for the world to enjoy such kind of Art. We had before a great experience, with girls and women started up a new life just by their creativity, and they became independent, even they became able to help other women and hiring them.

Other Ways You Can Help
You can help us in many ways. For sure we need you to join us in such challenge and work with us to give this Second Chance and contribute. If you can't, please get the word out and make some noise about our (your) campaign, and use Zoomaal share tools: Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and so on.

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