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I have a mini-site services is ready, but the amount needed to fulfill the new form design
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 25 Mar,2016

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Abdullah Abu Eid told the programmer 21 years of age

My ambition to improve the Arab sites continued to creativity in the online world, always aspire to success and I hope to find what I want with Dhumal.


Site Name: gigsboom

Category: Internet

Career Location: buying and selling miniature Services

Year Founded: 2016.

The aim of the funding

We need funding to build a new design for the site of the hand shape and also add the English language to the site to offer the site of Arab and foreign categories and also want programming memberships at the site and incentives to motivate the individual to work with us flag site as a testimony to the protection for 5 years:

Features of the project:

Very few commissions pellets sell a minimum a few of the withdrawal process is very ways of pushing and pulling are available all kinds, such as cashU Paypal Skrill Baeza bank and transfer all of this will be to our site, so we hope that you will help to us to end this plan to build a new site, and if we have succeeded in building this project, we will work partnership with another site to work remotely and we will be a company name legally registered that we were able to build this site ..

The project is important to me would be an incentive for users to view their services through our site and sold and also important for those who are looking for one offers them services The site for buying and selling will be our connective of two categories.

We wish you to help us as much as possible thank you.

We need funding for these reasons:

We are now in the process of designing a new form of the site to attract customers and are working on the following:

1. The new form of the site.

2. Add memberships to the site.

3. Marketing commission system.

4. Add the English language for the site to target the whole world.

5. provide maximum safety in the new format to earn the trust of customers.

6. strengthen the security certificate on the site.

7. Add encryption of payment transactions to protect the client.

From the site's features:

1. There are no commissions on clouds.

2. The minimum withdrawal for only $ 5.

3. The possibility of withdrawing the money more than one way.

4. commission website pellets sales process does not exceed 10%

And a lot of advantages that will ensure the user with us lucrative.

We hope that all of this is achieved your help

We need an amount of $ 500 to $ 1000 to ensure customer convenience We want to build this design is attractive to the customer and to guarantee happiness guarantee happiness of our customers.

Where the money will go in case you can not achieve your goal fully ??

A question posed by many the amount will be invested in Dhumal again to benefit its members, such as family here, we will not make one needed something.

thank you.

Impact and benefit:

My campaign phrases for the renewal of the site and designed attractively so that we can attract users and we are working to add effects that attract the user has used the weaknesses of the other sites, and I've turned it into the strengths of our site, such as suspension of money for a short period of a few and commission a minimum a few pull ..

My achievements was the construction of the site is now ranking less than half a million in Alexa and you can be sure that I was able to get to this point after the effort, and now I have come to you to give me your support so elevated.

thank you.

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Abdullah Abu Eid programmer told the 21 year old loved the building and I have several thoughts sites always aspire to its inception and I hope with zoomaal find all the financiers of my thoughts to evolve and become the…

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$150 or more

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Employment will be in the marketing department with a monthly salary
$150 or more

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Employment will be in the programming department with a monthly salary
$150 or more

10 Available

Many will give a reward several jobs to those who contributed to this work include Technical Support department Marketing department Purchasing department Sales section Programming department design department
$150 or more

2 Available

Employment will be in the technical support department monthly salary
$150 or more

1 Available

Employment will be in the design department with a monthly salary
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