Off-Grid Portable Fridge (Freezer Environment Friendly)

Fridge invention without electricity used to store meat, milk, vaccine up to -2C
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High light

The Eco-fridge

It is used to store quick expired food like meat, milk

When most of us think of "solar power," we think of panels of photovoltaic cells.

uses no photovoltaics,

 no electricity,

 no chemical refrigerant

and no moving parts to produce a cooling effect. Instead,

 it uses an evaporative-cooling system based entirely on the sun's heat and some water.

 It's an ideal setup for villagers with no electricity

 and no money to spend on a fancy PV system.

This system has no battery backup, so it relies on a good supply of sunlight.

The low-tech eco-fridge relies entirely on nature to keep things cold.

Innovative step

•viability of the model of development and growth and repetition (shape, size, number, temperature)

•The next generation of fridge

•the fridge has  innovative features in terms of its ability to meet the tastes of customers

•the fridge has the ability to produce low cooling as low (up to minus two Celsius below zero)

•refrigerator operates without electricity, without gas and without Freon

•Price, quality and environment-friendly

•solve the problem of medical vaccine storage

Customer needs fridge work continuously without any rupturing of its energy source(conventional fridge depend on electricity source, sometimes electricity cut down, all food must b e consumed directly

We need to manufacture many  fridges and piloted in several locations

After that mass media campaigns on the results of these experiments to convince businesses and consumers in this refrigerator

No equipment or facilities available to produce the prototype

Available resources are not sufficient for the project

Huge Equipment needed to produce prototype is not available,

Thus the funds will be  spend:,

Upgrade the prototype shape to the tradiotnial fridge 

work needed to finalize

(the money will divided into:  production, marketing...

Buy equipment


Buy equipment


Calculate production cost



Finalize my prototype of the service (or product)


Purchase all component of  fridge material (painting, sheets, adsorbing pair, organic material, measurement auxiliary, welding rod,  


Make a real prototype


Production of different size,










I will pay money for technician (Mechanical eng, Welding technician, Painting Technician, MANUFACTURING ENG, Cooling eng, Marketing employee, PC eng ) to produce the prototype

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Patent Title: The production of ice without using electricity I have registered 4 patent in the field production of ice without using electricity. 1. A solar refrigerator and ice maker by harnessing the evaporative cooling effect 2. A mixture of…

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