مصوره فوتوغرافيه
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Photographer are free to work Alfotosishnz sessions and exhibitions of art and photographic identification Egyptian heritage inherent documented momentsGod willing, we will set up exhibitions concerned with tourism side as well as to highlight the aesthetics in my Egypt 
God willing, you're not engage in domestic and international competitions and will be there along with Khairy will also assist poor families to register moments of happiness or while conducting industry was Imithnoha and will display their images after taking them permission, and the price in half and including PenaOr display these paintings at auctions and help them sum

I am in dire need of the establishment of this project and my mother patient confined to bed did not move from 2011 to now, due to a fracture in the knee and hip, and now her decision process for the installation of Ilizarov apparatus external installed to repair the fracture .. many obligations of the process and the treatment and living requirements, and unfortunately there is no Aaolna of the need to work in this project to improve our living, and I am my mother and my sister 

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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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