thank you very much for attintion, i need your help to build this buisness to help people &me;
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The idea is based on finding a restaurant serving all people in different areas and completely different manner different from the traditional way and is the delivery service according to demand.

And if you want to examine the economic situation (not from the consumer side, but the investor) in the city of Zarqa and specifically in the heart of the province in the middle of the commercial find that some stores to be invested in the area such as restaurants and other could be up to 100 000 Jordanian dinars and are evacuating the shop fees Not to mention the facilities, equipment, workers and other fees that can be shortened significantly in this project by as much as 75% ... This is the case in the city of Zarqa, so how is the case in the capital, Amman, for example, or in other areas of the hand shops costs only.

In spite of these high percentages in cost reduction, this does not mean cancellation of the labor force and restricted to the owner of the project.

And there are some factors expected to contribute to the success of the project, including:

1) Location: The site is not static, but change from time to time by the workforce estimate

2) Equipment: where many of the traditional restaurant equipment shortcut costly and large in size even

3) Labor: in this project are the quest to provide lists of new food and distinctive and very favorable price

4) consumer: If the hard site provides you with specific patterns of customers while this project allows for hands working patterns and consumer choice customers

5) purchasing power: and it is hesitant during the month and relies too heavily on the incomes of individuals and consumption patterns which are located in diverse geographic regions and which is finally out and can controlled and selected

6) the financial needs: As I said a little while ago can for this project a lot of the high costs shortcut, such as the amount needed for the evacuation of the business premises and the costs of equipment and raw materials ... as this project with its needs financial provides 75% or more of the cost of opening a traditional restaurant

What do we need?

The first obstacle facing any idea what is the funding that we get it we can buy the necessary equipment to start working like

(Refrigerator ,, Almqala..moad crude as oil and cooking Alasmak.k) and also create advertising campaigns

What (we) will benefit?

This project never sought to abolish the workforce and limited to only the owner of the project it is a chance to create new jobs is equivalent to (2-4) opportunities, including the project owner


(# 1) Private

1-achieve self-sufficiency

2-find a new source of income for the family

(# 2) General

1-expansion project to include more areas at the same time

2-Aadh job opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere and fun

3-scurrying about new projects as a pillar of this project to other projects-sha Allah.


I hope that you all work to contribute to this campaign in all respects, either financial support or through the publication of Alhmilo or to other means of support

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