The Dragon Tears: an animation story for children.

Japanese folktale which tells one not to fear the unknown, but embrace the adventure.
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Short Summary 

My name is Ghada Terawi.  I am a Palestinian filmmaker, but more importantly, a mother of two boys.  Naturally, my children love to watch cartoons.  I was very dissatisfied with the lack of good content with these cartoons.  I remembered some Arabic folktales from my own childhood and began to formulate the idea of making cartoons based on these folktales.  I started to gather folktales from around the world, paying specific attention to the moral of each story.

My first animation was based on a Palestinian folktale.  This particular story focuses on the idea that girls need not be beautiful or rich to succeed, but focus on being intelligent and clever.

My next animation is a Japanese folktale which tells one not to fear the unknown, but embrace the adventure.  Life can be full of beautiful, hidden treasures!

These two stories are part of a bigger project on creating a series of animated folktales for children.  Phase one of the project is create 13 animated stories that can be screened on TV (13 is the number of episodes that TV's accept in order to have a season).

However, creating 1 or 2 animated stories individually will encourage TV stations and other funders to contribute to the whole project.

What We Need & What You Get
Bringing these beautiful folktales to life involves a large crew.  The writer and director must give the project direction.  The character designer, background illustrators, coloring and animators breathe life into the story.  Finally, you must have the narrator orate the spoken word to compliment the visualization of the project.  The process is lengthy, arduous and expensive.  Certainly creating a project of such value is rewarding in of itself, but for all involved, this is their craft and they should be rewarded for their creativity.

Internationally the minute of animation costs around $3,000. so to create a 6 minutes animated story, we need around $18,000.  All this amount is without calculating the cost of printing material and distribution cost.

The 10,000 will be used as follows: script writer 1500, director 1000, characters designer 1500, backgrounds illustrator 2000, story board creator 1500, music & found effects 1500, and finally 1000 for start up animating the images.

My team consists of around 7 Palestinian artists, who were able to make a successful story.  The animation had been viewed by children and they liked very much.  Our first story, called "The storyteller" were chosen by a well known publishing house in Palestine to be printed into 1000 copies and distributed to schools all around Palestine.

And as a thank you from our team to you on your contribution to our project we will send you a copy of our first animated story.  A nice packaged DVD that you can reward your child with or you can give it to a friend's child as a present.

IF you can't contribute money through the internet, you can buy the DVD of the animated short film "The Storyteller" in Palestine & Morocco for $15 (you can inbox us through our FaceBook page and we deliver it to you).

IF You can't contribute Money to this project, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD you your NETWORK. 

The Impact 

In contributing to this project, you are helping teach children about other cultures.  While animation is entertaining, these folktales reinforce positive morals in a format children can understand.  Least we forget, these folktales have been passed down through generations through the process of storytelling for the very purpose of teaching values to the young members of each society.  It is important to keep this tradition alive.

In contributing to this project, you are helping create healthier atmosphere for our and your children who are the contributors of the future.

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$15 or more

99 Available

A nicely packaged DVD of the animated story called "The storyteller". It could be a nice gift for your child or for a friend's child for their achievement.
$25 or more

98 Available

coloring book with the images from the animated story "The Storyteller". Such book is not available in the Market and we have just limited edition of it.
$40 or more

49 Available

Custom T-shirt printed on it the image of the "smart girl".
$100 or more

99 Available

You get all three items as one package. it would be a nice gift for young girls ;)
$300 or more

29 Available

you will have your name or the name of a person you choose to be on the animated story "The Dragon Tears" thank you list, plus a DVD copy of the film.
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