Healthy Body Needs A Great App

This project make helps us to gain perfect and healthy body using a simple Software/ Web and gives you a perfect schedule for a perfect body
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Most People Hate themselves because they are fat or people want to build mighty muscles!! so I have an SOLUTION why not making an app that help people to get fit in a bit using notification and schedules each month regarding to their weight and the special about this app you can contact coaches video and sound using the application.

and by using these fund I can employ android developers and iOS developers and web Developers and I can buy a big office for the employees and buy the needs

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Tripoli, Lebanon
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My name is Ahmad Kassaa and I'm an entrepreneur and coder, and I know arduino and using photoshop, and my hobby is to fix electronics especially smartphones and I wish to make a successful business plan

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