First Arab Center for the aircraft industry

A specialized center for the manufacture of aircraft carrying one person and be made of wood
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 24 Oct,2016

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

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First, I am a young Arab from Egypt holds an invention of the Ministry of Education in the Egyptian aviation certificates

The only dream is to set up aircraft manufacturing center homemade

 First Arab center for the aircraft industry in a position carrying one person and gusts of up to 280 km / h Every Arab youth is the dream of flying and flying high and this is a dream of my dreams too so I thought in this project I am asking for the Arab people gather and race against the West in the manufacture of aircraft

Why do I need and what to get?

First, I need a place to be held by the project

Second tool crisis project

All this is achieved Palmadiat if I could provide the money to create a project with ease so I Ahtajkm to finance this project Asbbh a reality

In the end, if the project will be the first center produces aircraft in the Arab world and the introduction of free flight of the Arab homeland

Impact and influence

If this project is to assist you in the near future will carry the Arab world to a new concept about aviation and airplanes aware of other sailing so I want you to fund this project is not only money but also the deployment of the subject and other useful ways

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Al Monufia (Al Minufiyah), Egypt
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