A teenage gypsy discovers that a refugee girl has been stealing from his dumpster.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

My name is Bashi Kasawneh and I'm an inspired filmmaker with a high level of dedication and creativity. I've started this campaign in order to fund a short film that I've written. The film is called "Tangency" and it is a story about a teenage gypsy named Hikmat, who discovers that a refugee named Waard has been occupying his habitat and stealing from "his" dumpster. He is drawn to believe that her existence prompts danger on his wellbeing but later on comes to an understanding that his life and destiny are intertwined with her fate. Hate, racism, love and companionship are some of the main ingredients that make up this story, but the film does not just revolve around those two characters, instead it is a mirror that reflects the whole region.

You are probably wondering why is a guy like me in need of the extra cash, well for the people who don't know much about filmmaking, producing a film costs a lot of money. There is 5 stages for making a film; development (writing), pre-production(organizing), production(filming), post-production (editing), and distribution (marketing). As of now, I'm done with development and half way through prep, I will start shooting on the 25th until the 29th  of August and after that I'm broke. I would've invested all my money to get the film through production and as far as post production but knowing how expensive that stage of filmmaking is, I'm sure that my film will not be completed. So, with your money I will be paying for editing, sound design, music, graphics, color correction, posters, film festival entry fees, DVD's, creating a website for the film, and not to forget the rewards that you will receive for contributing to this project. 

If you are asking yourself "why would I invest my personal cash into such project?" well let me tell you this, just in the last few years millions of people took refuge into neighboring countries due to conflicts in their own. Most of them, left home with nothing but the clothes on the their backs. Apart from all their daily nightmares, as refugees they are now facing hate and discrimination because of the financial pressure they are putting on the countries where they take refuge. As true as this could be, these people have nowhere else to go, their homes have been destroyed and so as their lives. Apart from being a muslim and being raised to love one another especially when one of us is in need, we have to remember that we are all humans, when we bleed we shed the same color. RED BLOOD. 

So, help me shed more light on this issue, this will help more people understand what is going on.  Help me do what I do BEST, I am a filmmaker, so help me make my film.  

I understand that some people might be interested and would like to help but have no money to fund this project, therefore, just getting the word out about this film can be as good as cash, so please tell a friend. If you own a restaurant, and would like to bring us lunch on set, that can also be good as cash. There are many ways to help, and each one of them is highly appreciated. 

As the filming go, I will be posting updates, pictures, and videos from behind the scenes to introduce you more to the story and the people taking part in telling it. So, keep coming back to this page as often as you can, and I promise you that you will be entertained.

Most people believe in receiving something in return when they give. It doesn't necessarily have to be something materialistic, it can be as good as a smile or a genuine thank you. Therefore, when you give for this project you will be receiving something in return. For more details, check the rewards section on this page. 

In order not to bore you any longer,I'm going to shut up and let my work speak for itself. Don't forget to tell a friend about this and keep coming back to see what is new with us.

Thank you kindly,

Bashi Kasawneh


I would like to introduce you to Badr, he is 15 years old and he's got one hell of a story to be told. This picture was taken at 6:30 am in my neighbourhood just as I was scouting locations for my film. While most children his age were either on their way to school or still tossing and turning in their warm beds, he was out with his mother and sister looking for what most of us consider as garbage. 

Odai Alkhasawneh says: Looking forward to see this film when it comes out.. Good Luck!
22 Aug,2014 at 22:46 pm

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  26 Aug,2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope this update finds you all well. This is a storyboard sketch for some of the shots that will play in our film. We filmmakers use such storyboards to help us better visualize the film before cameras start rolling. This way we can save time, money and most importantly make better films. These sketches were done by a very talented artist, her name is Hiba Wasef. You can check out some of her work by clicking on the link provided below. Once again, thank you for the people who have donated for my campaign and as for the people who haven't yet, What are you waiting for :) 

yours truly,

Bashi Kasawneh

Hiba Wasef's Sketch Book

  01 Sep,2014

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that have participated or pitched in to make my dream become a reality. With a bitter/sweet ending, I'm glad to say that after one month of development, two weeks of prep and four days of shooting, Tangency has reached its next step. Nevertheless, we are still far from done, we have a lot to do in post production in order to bring this film to life. We desperately need more help!! so please help us get through the next stage so we can show the world how great this film is.

Sincerely yours,

Bashi Kasawneh

  01 Sep,2014

This is Gaith and he is the lead actor of Tangency. Although this picture was staged for the film but it is a haunting reality for thousands of children living in the Middle East. So please help us get this message across by spreading the word about this film. 


  01 Sep,2014

Not only was the camera RED, but so was my skin!

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