To promote our products in all of world languages, we aim to marketing local industries
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Ftrina, a large business platform, involve large quantities of international trading and sourcing for both local and exportable products in the market, which by following simple steps allows Ftrina producers, farmers and owners of craft workshops to create websites to show their products and solutions. The project aims to provide programmatic structure of the required industry to simplify the creation and management of sites on the business and contribute to the owners in the proliferation of products, making each product on Ftrina compatible with the search engines available and multi-lingual options instead of simply a permanent exhibition of products.

What are our needs?

We seek to develop Ftrina platform in three languages (Arabic - English - Chinese)

To achieve our goal by the spring of 2016 we will need $ 2,000 to complete the following:

· Building Models experimental network Beta

· Cover the platform costs for one year from the date of its launch.

We would welcome any additional funding with pleasure! In the event it enables us to collect $ 30,000 extra, which will be able to develop additional algorithms such as (tenders - and offers buy - reports of visits per Ftrina). We also hope to offer high-class security service giving our customers the maximum benefits, for which passing the standards of information security tests ISO 9001 + PCI DSS is a must and collecting $ 24,000 extra will be very helpful.

Impact and Influence

It’s now very easy to access the products from Asia through similar platforms. And our project is hoping to support the local products and local markets in order to simplify marketing and promoting through Internet.

We are just programmers and marketers working to support producers; you, entrepreneurs’ support will link all of us, programmers and marketers, producers and investors, making our connection an organic whole. Integrating all of our attempts to drive to more benefits individually and socially.

For more information on the project, please follow this link, to find full proposal and project plan in PDF format & english language.

For  ِِArabic language version of our proposal please follow this link

Evaluate your project and our plan her

Of obstacles

· Work team consists of seven people from Egypt working over the world (one in China - one in Saudi Arabia - two in Turkey - two in Egypt - one in Qatar), which helps us collect all the update information and technology as well as the markets to a very large extent. We share the same goal and despite the time difference and the different locations we are able to communicate and work as a team and invest the time and effort to sprout our first seed.

Other ways to help:

If you can not financially contribute to the project promoted above, please help us in spreading the idea! Talk to your friends, who can speak to the moral and material support, about other parts of our project on the social networking sites for young people to support the production and export. Help arouse the interest in the development of export and deployment of our products globally.

Connect with us on facebook or follow us on twitter @FtrinaCom and Tell us your thoughts and suggestions

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