Hello i have a good idea to serve the environment i want to recycle the electronic waste to recover the gold silver and platinum from it.
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Hello we are Jordanian student we ask our self why all the gold and silver in electronic is not recycled?? And use it again why the plastic and metal in e-waste is not recycled and use it again ? So we think to recycle e-waste also the benefits of this project is too incredible we can collect about 1 M $ yearly we want to make 80% from this profity to serve the planet and people we want 

What we need and what you get ?

we need about 400k$ to start our project 80% of this project profit it will be to make this project bigger and recycle another thing like plastic metal trush every thing we wanna serve this work as much as we can and from this profit we will start to support the student who have a good idea to serve people and this planet we will try to make this people as much as we can happy we wanna make the people in Arabs world to study 

in the last i want to say that every one in this world can make this planet clean and good to live and he also can make the people happy just in smile :) 

i want to say so sorry for my English and please support to to start make this planet clean with all our love and make the student happy all the people happy 

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Amman, Jordan
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Im computer science student i have good experience in programming and problem solving also im a good ideas developer i have so good ideas to solve a big problem in this world using technology my team is about 2 mining…

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