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We need devices to teach the basics of mobile development for youth: minorities and young women
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Short Summary
Esprit-Mobile association is composed of educators and students having as a vocation to work on the latest trends of mobile development and technologies. It has already produced many applications most of them published on mobile stores. Esprit-Mobile has many partners worldwide such as: BlackBerry, Samsung, Microsoft and organized several international events.
Esprit-Mobile association held the scratch day in collaboration with MIT and Youth mobile in MAY 2014. It was the first step to begin a program targeting youth minorities and young women. during this program a team of mobile experts teach the basics of mobile development and encourages the new students with competitions and rewards.

What We Need & What You Get
As ESPRIT Mobile association is partner with the Private High School of engineering and Technologies (ESPRIT), the High school offered the space and expertise to hold events, workshops, courses for free.
What we need : devices (mobile devices, Mac).
What we get: we can hold several events and workshops continuously and not occasionally. we are obliged to seek for sponsorship each time we want to have an event.

The Impact
spreading awearness about the latest trends of mobile development is our vocation. the fact of holding events destined to youth can help them in their future and sensitize them about the world f oppurtunity they are about to be in.
Holding events from time to time is what ESPRIT Mobile does, but assuring this mission in a continous way can increase the number of the youth who will be taught by the finest experts in mobile development in the country. 

Other Ways You Can Help
Helping ESPRIT Mobile association in every possible way will oncrease the number of the youth that will have the chance to discover about mobile development.
we have a space that the financial helps can make us decorate ( with desks, chairs..etc) or finance the development activities by offering prozes during the events we organize yearly.

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Ariana, Tunisia
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Imed Amri, Telecom Engineer, Professor, trainer, head of mobile research team, president of ESPRIT Mobile assocation.

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NAO robot is one of the latest trends in the world of software development. we offer a training on this robot with an expert that will guide you step by step. If you are able to come to ESPRIT Mobile in Tunisia you will have the chance to interact with NAO directly otherwise we offer this prize as a webinar limited for a certain number of participants.
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