A couple reach a breaking point in their relationship due to the buried secrets over the course of the five years they were together.
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My name is Alan Mehanna, 28, currently residing in Beirut, Lebanon where I teach film in two local universities. After living in America for 13 years, two years ago I moved back to Lebanon in order to push the film industry in the right direction. My life is split in half. I lived half of my life in Lebanon, then the other half in the US. Due to this, I have always wanted to be a bridge between East and West and my work here is part of this lifelong dream.

As a screenwriter and director, I believe I was a given the ability to give a voice to those who have none. I am the kind of story-teller that is pulled towards character driven material. I have always been interested in the layers of human beings, specifically when it comes to relationships and sexuality. Being a bisexual, and a survivor of bullying, I connect more to stories that deal with complexities, and characters surviving trials and tribulations. I am always disappointed whenever a film or a television series depicts bisexual people on screen, they always seem to be of the female gender - I have yet to see a bisexual male. In Lebanon, the government doesn’t support the arts as much as one would hope and this makes it difficult for all artists trying to make it. The government also frowns upon people of differing sexual orientations so telling a story like this and giving the LGBT community in Lebanon a voice is something I want to do.

When I first read the one act play by Floyd Dell, I was immediately drawn to the flawed characters and the situation. The one act is in the public domain, and I had never adapted anything before as a writer so I decided to take on the challenge and adapt it to modern times. This is quite a universal story, and so the trick in making this film unique falls to how it will be executed.

I am a big fan of films that remove all forms of the illusion of cinema and ground the world of the story in reality, like Jonathan Demme’s Rachel Getting Married. Recently, I read an article on regarding new ways of making films. It reminded me of a time before I went to college and studied film, when I used to grab whatever equipment available and just made films. I want to do that again with this film. Set my creativity and imagination free and have fun making movies. I want to shoot this film using my iPhone and equipment I will purchase from I will use limited artificial lighting, limited make-up. I want the rawness of the image to parallel the ugliness of the situation and the audience to feel like they are invading on a very personal and private conversation between these two people. Furthermore, the film really delves into the psychological affects and trauma that an abusive relationship such as the one in the film can cause. The film also explores how affairs, lies and secrets affect different people, all the while exploring the characters’ sexual desires and how they can manipulate each other using sex and their attraction to one another.

As a screenwriter, I kept hearing some of the greats in the industry say, “Write what you know”, and I constantly try to apply that in everything I write. With an overdue push from my sister, Mandy Mehanna, I poured a lot of myself into this short film and it has transformed into a very personal tale. Receiving the grant would help me bring this story to life as well as give my students in Lebanon the opportunity to work on a proper film set and experience what it is like to take a film from conception to the screen.

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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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I have always wanted to be a bridge between the East and West and writing is how I am going to do it. I’m Alan Mehanna and I am a Screenwriter. I have multiple screenplays currently in Screenplay competitions and…

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