empowering more than 100 school students to bridge the gap between the Academic theoretical curriculum and actual needs Career & Leadership
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

After more than 3 years ago, and carrying out about 60 training programs for school and university students. EDUGATE Team decided Design (Empowering School Students project) to bridge the gap between the Academic theoretical curriculum and actual needs of students for Career Development & Leadership Skills.

Our project aims to rehabilitation, training, empowering more than 100 school students through 120 training hours. The project will be implemented in Faraway areas includes. The program includes boys, girls and disabled Students too from Middle and low-income levels.

 The program includes lectures, seminars, workshops, creative videos, brainstorming, and interactive learning methods. At the end of the program, the students will be evaluated for the trainers and lecturers.

  • They will learn:

1- discover their career potentials and build on them

2- generate practical ideas to know where to start

3- Choosing their high school major or college major

4- Career Guidance to help them self-discovery journey

5- Sure they are choosing the best for them actively career steps of their future dream

6- Human Personality Types, Encourages to plan based on future goals and Importance of  Lifelong Learning

7- Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Formal 

8- How to Pass an Interview & CV Writing

9 -Essential of Leadership Skills, Teamwork Building, Time Management, and Problem Solving Basics

  • Goals

1-  will Prepare  students to develop their leadership skills and build their personal abilities to support them finding suitable opportunities when they graduate.

2- Will Prepare students to develop a process for decision making

and become Future Leaders ,  Planning their Future

  • outcomes Impact:

1- Increase self-awareness about the labor market, we Prepare students to have a clearer picture of themselves, to provide context about the careers as many new careers. And how to understand make them career and Encourages to plan based on future goals.

2- Students will develop critical thinking skills, use a process for decision making, Identify their personal values, Understand how to lead teamwork, Demonstrate a practice of ethical leadership, 

3- improve understanding and build rapport with others, communication skills, Appreciated the role of body language in effective communication. Display competence in oral, written, and visual communication.

  • Target Audience :

- School Students in Faraway Areas at Egypt " Middle and Low-Income Levels " include boys, Girls, and Disabled Students 

  • Delivery Methods

    - Lectures, Brainstorm, Workshop, Practice, Videos and Sessions

Our Previous Projects 

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