Online Cultural Development Radio has 5 channels for broadcasting programs and music
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Radio eltekia is an Arab radio project interested in enriching Arab cultural and musical content by broadcasting its audio content through 5 different Radio channels

we have been working for more than two years

It consists of the main duct channel and includes radio programs, various songs and music

Qesara channel: It is dedicated to the broadcast of Islamic content away from the hustle of music and interested in the Koran and religious prayers to start your day

Documentary channel: It is dedicated to broadcasting audio books and various cultural and educational materials throughout the day

Kawkab Al Sharq channel: It is dedicated to broadcasting the heritage of Mrs. Umm Kulthum from concerts and recordings of the quality and quality of radio broadcasts

Music Room Radio: It is dedicated to broadcasting music of all kinds quiet music without hearing the voice of the singers playing throughout the day to help you tired of work and help you to restore your daily activity

Our project supports Arabic content and welcomes everyone who is involved in enriching it

And added to this has a code free write the countryside about the different Royaat and help the reader to choose Mainasphe and the best films about the films in addition to free topics in technology and daily life

What do we need and what do we get?

We need this amount because the radio and the website are based on 6 different servers and also the collection of content and the provision of beneficiaries

Impact and impact:

And this helped a lot in addition to the value of daily addition to our support for independent music and we have several albums for singers wanted to support their music to run in the list of listening and writing about it

If you can not support us financially, you can do so by publishing our story and writing about us in different forums

thank you

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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I am Mohammed a civil engineer He is fond of radio and is interested in audio and radio design Graphic Designer Our ambition is to be new in the field of Internet radio and we are always seeking to develop

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To put their names on the list of honor of the site and to mention in the description of the episodes broadcast weekly
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There will be a list of anonymous soldiers who contribute to our construction and continuation
$70 or more

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Will mention their names directly by adding air because it will reach them Hidayat eyes of the radio, thank them with great thanks and appreciation
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