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idea of product for Facebook Inc. and Google's easy-to-navigate application world o
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need to design a simple model based high-resolution display illustrative of this product to be submitted for a patentBut I was not doing my patented so far I can not view a complete idea now, but features onlyContinued with the officials of the company that is Facebook and text.................................................. .................................................. ...............Hello I am pleased to collaborate with you and I am pleased more to get some attention from youI Mahmoud state of Egypt, and I'm thirty years oldI work in the field of e-marketing growth DeveloperI think I have a talent for development and development for whenever I tried to do my thing develops not pause at some point, because I have always found other stagesIn involuntary thinking in the development and modernization of anything I do to use itThat's what made me think of the development of Facebook and social networking systemsAnd not even develop a complete system works alongside and with the current system# Why second complete system and how?* First, why given about my personal experience1_ because I no longer enjoy when I surf the Facebook2_ become all the social networking sites similar3_ I do not get on the news and important information4_ Most publications have become worthless and repetitive5_ have tired of the old ways to communicate with my friends6_ Facebook on the throne of the means of communication, but it is no longer sitting cross-legged7_ problems and speed internet8_ when the interruption of the Internet and other Leave Facebook9_ used Facebook only now to follow up on important messages and notices10_ for my use of the Internet has become much less than they used to be# Second, how is the implementation of the second system and what is and what its features?* Now will not Ajaopk how and what is the second system, but I will tell you its features1_ doubling of profits in record time and incredibly2_ doubling the number of users3_ doubling the number of hours of use per user4_ user will feel and enjoy the thrill of the beginning of the moment of entry5_ when entering the user will find himself as if he went to the distant future6_ view ads imaginative, fun and unobtrusive final7_ user easily find everything you are looking for a friend or a service or a product, place or game8_ user will continue even when the real browse the Internet outage9_ system will continue to display advertisements and real communication with the user, even with the interruption of the Internet10_ system will change the concept of social networking and executing company will put on the throne of the Internet is too far ahead of its competitors is impossible for competitors to approach him, non-penetrating and a lot of other features1_ Who can the application and implementation of this system (product)?Company Facebook or Twitter or Google or any other major company2_ Is it possible to apply and implementation of several companies together?Possible that the company Facebook and Google unite in its application3_ What is the expected cost of the project?Non-specific but not less than $ 200 million and are the large increase4_ Can the product on several stages of the implementation?Possible split in three stages first driver on Computer Second Third mobile phone tri-dimensional glasses5_ Is the system you are talking about an alternative to Windows or any other operating system?No, not any alternative operating system6_ What made you sure that an important and profitable product to this extent?Because I went to the future and I can see and touch what I am talking about in my imagination7_ Is it possible to see what you see in the future?Possible deafen video gives a glimpse simple shape for what I see8_ What is the expected duration of the first phase?I think it's going to take 10 months if executed by Facebook and 6 months if executed by GoogleDo 9_ been accessed or encountered a similar idea before?Did not close any idea or product10_ What is required of us to get to know your system and your product is this?Guarantee all my legal rights firstA meeting between me and the officials of the company11_ Is it possible to get the first video?It is not possibleYou'll 12_ some discussions and consultations and will respond to you at a later date please send your complete.................................................. .................................................. .................The answer came thereforeHello Mahmoud,Thank you receive my call on the day, and was very happy to talk with you.As I mentioned during my phone call, you can take the action that suits you best to ensure your intellectual property rightsNow you can start designing the video shown to the projectOfficials expressed interest in the project and expressed to meet with you in ....................................If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.Thank you for your cooperation with Facebook.I wish you all the best.OmarGlobal Marketing Solutions Facebook
.................................................. .................................................. .............I hope that you get the moral support and assistance in the publication and marketing of the project first, and follow-up newsAnd then I am pleased to get the financial support, notes and legal adviceIt is advisable for the United Nations and the United States, intellectual property rights for Applied ideasThe Organization WIPOKnowing that I've examined all defects, processing and thinking in the system and method of work and appearance and the entire needs, accessories and solutions for all anticipated operating and solutions to the obstacles that the user caller facing across the Internet line is weak and was devising a new way to prevent the interruption of communication, even if the Internet goes out to all known conventional methods were experience obstacles and successfully connect efficiently working on this project three years ago, the project includes five patented annexation of devices to assist in complementary and final phase certificates estimated profit of the first phase only fifty billion dollars in the first year of operation to lower the very least I need to adopt and take care of the project and the financing model design display costs and recording internationally patented invention and not fund the project because of the high cost ofAnd Gary now communicate by telephone with Google Inc., and are the same as interestAnd if there is an Egyptian company Aoarabiyh interested please contact via e-mailelmasry201221@gmail.comIn the hotbeds of foreign-funded centers harvested technical projects and technology at the highest funding ratiosFeaturing rapid profit and projects worth more than many times the value of fundingAnd successful security funding is risk-taking and new idea and the future

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The name Mahmoud Ahmed growth hacking Age 30 years from Egypt Alexandria Governorate

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