This is a 3D comedy series, accompanied by a video game
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This is MOULA Mohamed 25 years Old, video games developers and 3D animator. I already studied in the higher institute of multimedia and computing in Tunisia. I already worked in some international company of video games and 3D animation in brazil..

Some of my works: 

Game Play Team Defender: Video Game Created by MOULA Mohamed In a brazilian company called ONIRIA

Cinématique du jeux Team Defender Created By MOULA Mohamed

My associate is Daaloul Meher 45 years old.. One of leader in the world in 3D animations, already worked in :

Demo Reel: DAALOUL Meher Portfolio

Disney Channel.

3D Animation Created by DAALOUL Meher, it was diffused in Tunisian TV

Nowadays, technological advances in all areas have significantly changed our lifestyle and our way of thinking. 

3D animation and video games have become a social phenomenon as clearly they have attracted people of all ages, and to allow the treatment of any subject, especially with the freedom of expression, the main result of the Tunisian revolution. 

The production of this sitcom is certainly a privilege for us; not only it is in our interest, but more importantly, we will be able to flourish in its realization to achieve the best results, with the assistance of our designers, artists, animators and engineers. 

DIGISOFT is a Tunisian business development and distribution of video games and 3D animation created in 2013 by Mohamed MOULA. Its headquarters are based in Le Bardo, Tunis. This company is a leading developer and producer of video games for Windows and consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii. 

On the occasion of Christmas we made a named Xmas Christmas Survival 3D game which is available on Google Play. We believe in the near future to expand our technical staff in relation to productive changes in the local and international market. The two owners of the company have had an experience at the international level. 

That said, we suggest you make a 3D series, composed between 22 and 25 episodes of 25 minutes each. 

The subject of this series will be: 

• A group of young ... Everyone has a special character to it, symbolizing then differences of opinion even within our post-revolution Tunisian society. The petty bourgeois of Carthage to the small "boss" of city. Ettadhamen from the Salafi and the "revolutionary", we try to deal with the various stereotypes and prejudices of our society with a sense of humor that we hope will bring together young and old. 

• The characters come together to tell their newspapers with humor. 

• These characters come together in the context of a cafe in a popular area. 

We must admit that apart from our passion for 3D animation, encouragement we have received from some experts in the field as well as their appreciation of the range of our subject, have convinced us. It is through belief and spurred a strong motivation that we decided to implement the realization of this project through the design and creation of this 3D series with technical advice from experts in the field.

We Will spent the money to pay the employees and to buy some computers.

hela laaribi
19 Oct,2016

amelie bouchard
18 Oct,2016

clara delux
16 Oct,2016

16 Oct,2016

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MOULA Mohamed, game developer and 3D animator. 25 years old the youngest entrepreneur in Tunisia… The general manager of DIGISOFT. I like the creation and the innovation.

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