Arabic Study Cards to help students memorize subjects and important terms before exams
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إضغط هنا لقراءة الصفحة باللغة العربية

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  • What are Study-Cards?
  • What is better; understanding or memorizing?
  • About me.
  • The story of ehfaz dot net (
  • What do we need?
  • The story behind the title (startup … Speedup).
  • Impact.
  • Early subscription benefits.
  • How to help us?

           What are Study-Cards?           

ehfaz dot net ( is a collection of Study-Cards to help students memorize terms and subject matters and prepare students to exams.

A Study-Card consists of cardboard with two sides. On the first side you will find the term or the question. On the other side you will find the meaning of the team or the answer to the question. The student will keep flipping between the two sides reading what is written on each of them until memorizing both of them. The following is a sample Study-Card.

You can find sample of electronic Study-Card on this link عينة من بطاقات مذاكرة.

Study-Cards provided by ( are available for students even before the start of the study year. Instead of starting study year without any previous knowledge about the study subject; the student will start with at least 30% of the study subject. This percentage increases for literary materials.

( study-cards are available for students through smart phones, tablets, and PCs anywhere and anytime.

The following video-clip demonstrates how it easy to use ( cards from a smart phone.

           What is better; understanding or memorizing?           

The answer for this question has two parts:

  • Scientifically: how the student can write the water formula without memorizing the symbols of the chemical elements, or even without memorizing the formula itself.
  • Practically: there is no magic solution for education challenges. It is better to have something available instead of having nothing. There are systems to help students understand their study materials. The best source of understanding is the teacher himself. ( is here for students to help them. So, benefit of ( until you have a better one.


Any solution to help student in any form is an acceptable solution.

           About me.           

My name is Mamdouh AlSharif. I have more than 20 years of hands-on experience in business automation. I love manipulating data to generate facts and predict future. You can read more about me on

           The story of ehfaz dot net (           

The idea of ( started when pressures increased on my wife. She is the one who help my children in their schooling. The study subjects became more complex and heavy. I started searching for assistance until I found It provides Study-Cards in attractive form. After analyzing services offered by this company (and other competitors) I found the following:

  • There is an increasing demand on digital Study-Cards because they are available all the time and from anywhere. But; there are rarely available Arabic Study-Cards.
  • These systems are available in a number of languages. Arabic is not among of them.
  • These systems rely on teacher (voluntary) efforts to create Study-Cards. The main beneficiaries of these efforts are their direct students. So, the student will be attached to the teacher, his style and voluntary time not to the curriculum.
After studying different business models; the following has been decided:

  • I will not reinvent the wheel. I will use infrastructure to manage the technical side of the ( is already available and making success. In this phase I will focus on providing contents (Arabic Study-Cards) that are ready to be used by Arabic Students.
  • Creating Arabic User Interface. This has been finished and students can access Study-Cards through ( Arabic interface.
  • Source of Study-Cards must be the official study book that is used in the official curriculum.
  • To motivate teachers to exceed their efforts, we must pay them rewards.

           What do we need?           

( idea is simple. As mentioned above, we will not reinvent the wheel. ( will use infrastructure and focus on providing Arabic Study-Cards. ( operations will be divided into two main activities as follows:

  • First: providing the Arabic content; ie Arabic Study-Cards derived from the official teaching study book used in the official curriculum.
  • Second: Marketing and Promoting ( offerings to reach the targeted beneficiaries.
( will start from Jordan then gradually expand to cover other Arabic counties.

The goal of this campaign is to collect $10'000 from your early subscriptions. This amount will be spent as follows:


Teacher Rewards. We will contract teachers to summarize teaching books into term lists that we will use to create the Study-Cards. The sum of the rewards is expected to be as follows:

  • There are 12 essential school levels.
  • Each level has 6 main subjects.
  • For each summarized subject we will pay $50 as a teacher reward.
  • The sum = (12 levels) X (6 subjects) X ($50 reward) = $3'600 = %36.


Administrative Expenses = $1'500 = including cost of printing paper materials (forms and procedure manuals), and temporary meeting rooms rental where we will meet teachers to explain procedures and train them. We currently do not have official offices to keep expenses to the minimum and focusing on providing contents.


It is essential to have promotion and awareness activates so beneficiaries will know we exists. A $3'600 = %36 has been budgeted to be spent from the $10'0000 for this purpose. We will spend additional amount paid by Zain (Jordan) according the following conditions:

  • This campaign to end successfully. We must collect $10'000 from supporters.
  • Zain (Jordan) will pay the equivalent to any payment made through integrated payment gateways with zoomaal platform like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.
Therefore, we ask you to condense your early subscriptions.


Total = A+ B + C = $3'600 + $1'500 + $3'600 = $8'700.


The remaining amount from the $10'000 = $10'000 - $8700 = $1'300 = will be deducted by zoomaal from the $10'000 once we collected them. This amount will cover their, and their partners cost. Most of these costs covers money transfer and online transaction handling.

The following graph illustrates the previous:

This campaign is to speedup ( startup from Jordan. We will work hard to provide Arabic Study-Cards to our Arabic students covering the whole Arabic region either in the essential levels, universities, or higher education levels.

           The story behind the title (startup … Speedup).           
When the idea of ( started, the objective was (and still) to help my children gain additional marks in their studies. I've created a special Study-Cards for them. You can access these cards on this link (click here to see samples of my cards) Therefore, I will keep working in this project with all my available resources. As you know, these resources are limited. Using these limited resource to benefit a larger scope of beneficiaries needs longer time.

Therefore, your early subscriptions will help (accelerate) ( startup where the benefit will reach my, yours children and more students in the Arabic region

As a father of three students, I'm working hard to help them make a good level of success in their learning. This is the mission of all parents even if their children has only an acceptable level. I will be more than happy to help one student gain one additional mark that might be the difference between:

  • Passing or not passing the exam.
  • Getting acceptance in the field he loves either in his current level or higher education and above.

For example; in Jordan, it is expected 1'800'000 students will go to schools for the year 2014/2015. We are planning to help at least 1% of them to succeed. This 1% represent 18'000 students. This percentage will increase by time.

           Early subscription benefits           
The first benefit and the most important one is that you will make ehfaz dot net become reality. ehfaz dot net will work hard to help thousands of students in the Arabic world make higher marks. You will be part of their success.

The second benefit is that you will have one year subscription.

The third benefit is that you will get free months of subscription as follows:

The normal yearly subscription fee has been setup to be $36 for each student. This = $3/month.

When you (early) register through this campaign; the monthly subscription fee will remain the same but for less number of months as follows:

For example: if you registered 6 students you will have to pay 36 X 6 = 216 dollar while with the early registration you will pay 108 dollar only. These 6 students are not necessarily be your child. They might be your relatives or friends child and you give them these discounts as gifts.

Hurry-up and register now. The time left is limited and the available subscription quotas are limited too. For example, the free 36 months are available for 95 subscriptions only.

           How to help us?           
You still can support us by words. Talk about us to the people around you. Tweet about us on twitter. Send facebook posts mentioning us. Any method of support is helpful.

  • Any person you talk to about ( might be a possibility of early subscription.
  • Any tweet on twitter might light a spark about us. You can use as a link in your tweets.
  • Any (like) and (share) on facebook, whatsApp, instagram or other social networks and communication applications are (free) promotion and advertisement about ( You can use as a link to refer to us.
The previous will take a few seconds from your side, but it has a great impact to spread the word about ( Who knows, maybe a message from your side find interest from unexpected source.

You can use the following image to spread the word about ( on whatasAPP. You can also download this image from this link (

You can use the following image to spread the word about ( on instagram. You can also download this image from this link (

You can use the following image to spread the word about ( on facebook. You can also download this image from this link (

You can use whatever you find suitable, we trust you.

At the end, we all work directly or indirectly to support our students. These students are my, yours and our children.

Lets work together to help our children succeed in their studies and bring happiness to their families

           Thank you very much for your kind attention           

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I love analyzing data to generate facts and predict future. I have more than 20 years of hands-on experience with a number of recognitions and awards. For more details please visit

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