Egypt Comix Week is an initiative to strengthen the local knowledge and experience on comix
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2nd Egypt Comix Week (2-7 Nov. 2015)

After the success of “1st Egypt Comix Week” (22-27 September 2014), Sefsafa Culture & Publishing is planning –with partners- for 2nd Egypt Comix Week (2-7 November 2015).

Egypt Comix Week is an initiative to strengthen the local knowledge and experience on comix and manga through round tables, workshops, exhibitions, meetings between publishers and illustrators, as well as a small Book Fair that is dedicated mainly for graphic novels.

Also “Egypt Comix Week” aims to promote communication between the consumers of comix on one hand and the artists and authors on the other. It aims also to strengthen links between different generations of Egyptian and Arab illustrators. Furthermore, it will sustain cultural exchange between Arab comics and that of other regions by inviting artists from all over the world and Exhibiting parts of their works.

We are planning this year to invite illustrators from Japan, USA, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany and France in one place over an entire week.

There will also be an exhibition for one or more Egyptian artists, to recognize their contribution in the field of comics in Egypt, moreover, COSPLAY, drawing contests, round tables, seminars and meetings between experts and publishers interested in this art will be hold in Cairo and Alexandria.

We plan to screen two short movies in the opening and closing days, one about the modern Comix/Manga scene in Egypt, and one about the French comics artist GOLO, who lives in Egypt and his works inspired a lot of Egyptian young illustrators.

The festival will be organized in the following locations in Cairo:

1-  Fatimid Cairo; particularly cultural spaces such as Beit El Sehemy, Beit El-Sennary and the Palace of the Prince Taz.

2-  Khedivial Cairo, currently known as Cairo downtown. This area has several locations that are suitable for holding cultural events including cafes historically known as meeting places for intellectuals like Zahret El-Bostan and Reesh, as well as national and foreign cultural centers such as Goethe Institut and El-Balad Cultural Center.

3-  Alexandria, certain culture places in the old  city like “Al-Cabine”.

The Project Structure

The project consists of several elements:

1st Element: the festival team work; we have a consulting team includes artists and experts in commix field and an organizing committee. The Organizing Committee includes publishers, organizers of cultural events and artists of wide knowledge of Arab and International Comix/Manga scene.

2nd Element: the locations of the festival. The organizers have already participated in various events held in these locations and they have good links with their managers. These locations include governmental and non-governmental heritage places such as Beit El Sehemy, Beit El-Sennary, and the palace of Prince Taz. These are expected to accept holding the festival’s activities for free.

3rd Element: Supporting Institutions; the Organizing Committee of the festival will coordinate with certain cultural institutions from different countries so that each institution supports the participation of one or more artists during the festival partly or totally.

Furthermore, we will coordinate with Egyptian institutions (governmental and non-governmental), media and publishing houses to participate in organizing some activities.

How to Implement the Event

To implement the event, we will start an open call to choose the Egyptian illustrators whom to participate in the workshops.

We will choose one hotel in Zamalek or downtown (not very expensive) to host all the illustrators and graphic novel authors from aboard and outside of Cairo - to give them the opportunity to enhance communication and social interaction.

The organizers will choose places in Cairo and Alexandria to host workshops and lectures, ("Doum Cultural Foundation” as an example).

One day will be chosen to organize the matchmaking between illustrators and authors on the one hand and Egyptian publishing houses on other hand.

We will place tables for each illustrator in an open area and invite a large number of publishers too as to allow them to get to know about the works of illustrators and authors.

Also we will help illustrators and authors to prepare files, including biographies and information about their works and bring samples from them. Also organizers will guide publishers to be sure all illustrators and authors have an opportunity to meet with publishers.

A mini book fair for Manga, Comics and graphic novels will be organized during the last two or three days of the event and book signings can be hold during it.

Planning dates:

2nd of November (afternoon): the opening will contains a short speech from the organizers, screening for a short film about the modern Comix/Manga scene in Egypt, and a speech for one main guest, the a reception. 

3rd Nov. (morning): Workshops starts, with participations from Egypt and trainers mixed Egyptians and from abroad.

(Afternoon): the opening of the main Comix/Manga Exhibition, it will contains works for four young Egyptians illustrators (with free drinks and snacks).

4th Nov. (afternoon): round table about Comix and freedom of expression.

5th Nov. (afternoon) Manga Cosplay and drawing contests in the same place with Comix/Manga mini book fair (with free drinks and snacks).

6th Nov. (afternoon in Cairo): screening for a short film about the French artist GOLO and discussion on his achievement.

(Afternoon in Alexandria): round table about Comix and freedom of expression.

7th Nov. (afternoon): Closing day will contains honoring the Egyptian artist Khalid El-Safty for his contribution in the field of comics in Egypt and after this there will be gathering between illustrators and publishers.

During the week there will be book signings, small exhibitions and many discussions on Comix and Manga.

Achieve the objectives of the Forum

The Even's success can be measured starting from the second day straight across several ways

1-  Measuring commitment to attend because that would be expressing the appreciation of the extent to which participants benefit from seminars and workshops.

2-  Joint projects between Egyptian and foreign illustrators will be an important success of the forum as well. 3. Publishing agreements that would result from the matchmaking event between illustrators /authors and publishers.

3-  The attendance in the deferent events.

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