EBC*L: Business Education for Everyone

EBC*L offers core business training concluding with an internationally recognized examination.
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Short Summary

Our project aims to promote entrepreneurship through its unique business training and assist business owners to successfully run their own business. EBC*L Arab World would select 20 candidates who can participate on this expensive training program for free of charge. EBC*L Arab World successfully organized and implemented several projects in the Middle East and North Africa thus contributing to the local economies. 

What Are We doing & How It Works?

European Business Competence*Licence is a certification system that defines core business competences within a unified catalogue. It also makes business knowledge verifiable with an internationally standardized exam. Within just 7 years, EBC*L was able to establish itself in 37 countries, in four different continents. The EBC*L exam can be taken in 24 languages including English and Arabic.

What We Need & What You Get

EBC*L Arab World would need funding for sending two internationally accredited EBC*L trainers to Beirut, Lebanon who would deliver a 3 days long intensive course to the 20 participants. The participants would receive the related preparatory materials earlier which also have to be sent to Beirut. On the other hand, costs such as an examination facility, training room, preparatory materials and traveling costs of the trainers would have to be covered. 

Traveling fees of internationally accredited trainers: 

Face-to-Face Training fees (3 days), inc. training facility, remuneration & variable costs = $ 8000

Traveling costs = 1 trainers, $ 1000 per trainer = $ 1500

Learning material = 20 sets, $ 125 per set = $ 2500

What will I get in return?

Indeed, we will differentiate between our contributors. For those donators, who contribute to our project more than USD 500, we will cover the training costs during this session. Among the private contributors under USD 500, we will distribute further small but very valiable EBC*L gifts. 

The Impact 

There are some people who just lack the knowledge how to put together their project, on the other hand some of them need an extra push in their career. EBC*L Arab World tries to help on both groups. Our special training program aims to build knowledge-based societies with strong economic background. We believe social development only can come together with economic one. People who finished EBC*L have a better chance to find a job or successfully run their own business. 

Why our team?

Our team tries to share their international experience and makes impact with its entrepreneural and professional approach on the Arabic society. The structured knowledge offered by EBC*L will help not only to the participants, but they will be also able to influence their society. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We are also open to build partnerships with training centers, universities, governmental organizations and NGOs in the Arab World.

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EBC*L is a certification system that defines core business competences within an internationally standardized catalogue. It also makes business knowledge verifiable with an internationally standardized exam. Within just 6 years, EBC*L was able to establish itself in 33 countries and…

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$10 or more
→    EBC*L PEN

3 Available

EBC*L pen
$40 or more

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Receive an EBC*L bags designed for students and laptops.
$60 or more

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Receiving the e-learning programm on DVD in English language.
$80 or more

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Receive the training material for Level A & B in English/Arabic (based on needs)
$600 or more

10 Available

Everyone who contributes more than $500 becomes our "Hero", and will be namely published on our websites. Besides that, they can participate on our seminar free of charge.
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