We are a team of young students trying to get our website live
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are young students that are trying to get our e-commerce website to life, which is selling drones. Drones is a small aircraft which is controlled from the ground by a controller, these drones which we are selling have either, cameras on them nor, sensors, or they even come with both. By your support we can get to sell these devices and we would be very grateful for your support. this would not only be a great push for our next level, which is building our own drone and star selling it throw our website. Also, you can support us by only spreading the word about our project or you can support us financially, which we would very happy either way. 

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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My name is youssef abdelahad I am a student and I am trying to creat a website that meets my interests.

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$250 or more
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you will get a drone as a sign of our respect
$500 or more

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you will have free advertising on our website for six months
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you will have shares on the website and you will get your interest every month
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